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Methamphetamine Abuse Poems

  • Mar

    The Game

    Welcome to "the game", are you sure you want to play?
    There are rules that are firm, and rules that change every day.
    Something to remember before you start to play,
    You are a player to the end, it knows your face it knows your name!
    On your MARK! GET SET! GO! Now the game has begun

    Feed your addiction is Level One.

    Addiction is easy, feed it when you can.
    Whatever the addiction, it always has the man.
    Level One Success!! Addiction's High- Life's a MESS!

    Level Two might make you scream. This Level is really a dream.

    Everyone chases it to a certain degree,
    In this case dope rules everything around me.
    Never thought this was the one, you give it your all just to stay spun,
    Spinning -Spinning out of control, get caught slipping means you got rolled.
    The object is money hustle; quickly collect all that you can
    Hurry up and wait repeat this step again and again
    This dream is now your reality; it has no concept of REAL
    It has no hospitality, and there are no fair deals.

    Level Three hope you succeed, make or break your every need.

    Lost in confusion, Respect doesn't exist!
    Raped of your identity. Caught up in the mist
    Struggling to fight the rumors, drowning from the overflow.
    Deterioration from self-destruction, don't start slipping maintain control
    Sacrifice your soul- allow your addiction to consume you twice!
    Fall deep from procrastination; accept it's your husband, your lover, your life.
    You no longer remember who you were; you've forgotten where you come from,
    your blood family is a fading blur and your feelings are numb.
    Everyone now is shady, there is no trust!
    Snitches popping up all over cashing in on the next bust!
    Intense mass confusion, theories and thoughts all in your head.
    "The Game" is more complex than "Cops and Robbers"

    Level four BEWARE OF THE FEDS

    If you get way out there you're sure to risk your name,
    Out of two peps ones a hater and bet they'll toss the blame.
    Three one free is the offer on the street!
    Three gets one indictment a case that's hard to beat,
    The Game concept is different today's players have no respect,
    The object is feed your addiction and trust has its own test.
    Players revise the game my advice is just don't play,
    All you will win is a prison stay.

    Level Five- Introduce the EVIL welcome MIND BODY and SOUL

    Evil thoughts will keep you twisted and brainwashed by the bowl,
    The Dick is what you're craving, Dope maintains the high,
    Absorb all that they are saying and distinguish what's a lie.
    I am the Drug that Tempts you allows your brain to become the EVIL dome.
    It will take EVERYTHING you have and EVICT you from your home!
    Brainwashed to the fullest I'm all you need to know,
    You belong now to The Game for which you've sold your soul!
    Your mine now I consume you, you have to have me or your day won't start
    And we will always be addicted - TILL DEATH DO US PART!