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Methamphetamine Abuse Poems

  • Mar

    The Sweetest Dream

    She wrapped her arms around me, comforting, secure. Unaware, the motives that underplayed her care.
    I let myself be taken, engulfed in sweet relief
    For now, alone I was no more, not still consumed by grief.
    This lady, in her crystal gown, brought safety and content,
    And more and more she'd visit me, till thought never to relent.
    But that was fine, this constant thing, had much to offer me
    For I, but one, a single soul, in a crowded "lost soul sea".
    My one true friend, a crystal angel, welcome and sincere
    When life became too much to bear, my angel held me near.
    She helped me through my greatest pains, to see things i had not seen
    To understand, to learn, to grow, to dare to hope, to dream.
    But when I felt quite strong enough, to stand on my two feet alone,
    My angel changed from sweet serene, to something truly wrong.
    I hid myself far from the truth, convinced I was where I belonged,
    But each time that I'd try to run, I'd be caught by the siren's song.
    She'd offer me a place to rest, to forget my troubled life,
    Since I could not turn one place else, She always won that fight.
    And still she wins, each day once more, a cycle never through,
    So when she's done and I am dead, she will move on to you.
    Here before you, now I stand, weary, beaten, broken,
    I think back to that first deep breath, one I wish I'd never taken.
    It sent me down this road I walk, the one that does not veer,
    And though I scream and try to fight, there is no one to hear.
    Still yes, I know, as all will say, there is a chance to flee,
    But somehow I find comfort, in not having to be free.
    And so to the crystal demon, myself do I know give,
    A life that does, but just exist, forgotten how to live.
    No longer do I feel, no longer do I care,
    This that was the sweetest dream, nothing more than a nightmare.