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  • Jun

    Bath Salts Abuse Possibly Linked to Cannibalistic Attack

    Bath Salts Abuse Possibly Linked to Cannibalistic Attack

    Not so long ago 'bath salts' became popular among many substance users who abused the designer drug to 'get high'. Many people have ended up in the emergency room because of their use of bath salts and poison control centers have received an enormous amount of calls related to the use of this dangerous substance. Unfortunately people have also died due to their abuse of bath salts and sadly some have even taken their own life because of psychotic episodes they experience when they're high.

    No matter how many lives have been affected because of bath salts abuse, tragic stories continue to make headlines associated with the use of this designer drug. Chemicals like pyrovalerone, mephedrone, and MPDV (methylenedioxypyrovalerone) have been found in bath salts and no matter how the substance is administered, it's extremely addictive and dangerous.

    When a person abuses bath salts they can become delusional, extremely paranoid and experience intense hallucinations which are extremely frightening. Many people have said after their first use of the synthetic drug, they were hooked and experienced intense cravings for more.

    Recently a horrific situation took place in Florida related to the possible abuse of bath salts which I hope opens the eyes of people who are still abusing the synthetic substance to get high. A man whose behavior showed he was possibly under the influence of bath salts viciously attacked another man by eating the flesh off of his face. Authorities were unable to stop the cannibalistic attack and had to shoot the attacker in order to get him to stop. This shows just how paranoid and delusional a person becomes when they're under the influence of bath salts.

    Even though synthetic designer drugs like bath salts are banned in many areas throughout the United States, this dangerous synthetic substance is still easily obtained including via the internet. The side effects associated with the use of bath salts are extremely serious and severe. There are also long term health related problems associated with the use of this dangerous designer drug.

    Side effects experienced when abusing bath salts include; extremely severe paranoia, very violent behavior, intense hallucinations, seizures, self-mutilation, loss of appetite, chest pains, and wakefulness.

    Long term health related risks associated with the abuse of bath salts include; suicide, self-mutilation, death, mental illness, liver failure and kidney failure.

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