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    Before Experimenting with Meth, Know the Symptoms of Long Term Use

    Before Experimenting with Meth, Know the Symptoms of Long Term Use

    Every day there young people experimenting with drugs to get high or just to see what getting high is like. Young people don't realize that for some people it only takes one time of using drugs like meth and they can get hooked. They're also not thinking about tomorrow or the long term effects associated with methamphetamine use, they're just thinking about the euphoria and the high they want to experience.

    Most people young and older feel they're in control and that they can handle drug use without getting addicted. They also believe they can stop whenever they want to but we all know differently. Some people can stop using on their own if they're just an occasional user, but most can't once they get started. Drugs like meth are so powerful and addictive once a person experiences their 'high' they can't wait to repeat it.

    What most young people starting out with substance use don't realize is that there are long term effects associated with drug use that affect a person mentally, emotionally and physically. Methamphetamine is a popular drug of choice among many people and as stated above, some people become dependent very fast and before long they're addicted. It's important that people realize what they're up against if they choose to experiment with methamphetamines and what long term meth use can entail.

    If you or someone you know is curious about drug use, before you experiment with meth or any other legal or illegal drug you need to understand the symptoms you will face and the risks that are involved before you make that choice. No matter what drug or substance a person decides to experiment with they risk possible addiction, overdose and death.

    The use of meth may create a euphoric rush but repeated use of the drug can cause the following symptoms:

    • Addiction
    • Violent behavior
    • Anxiety
    • Confusion
    • Depression
    • Paranoia
    • Hallucinations
    • Delusions
    • Fast heart rates
    • Irregular heart beats
    • Increased blood pressure
    • Possible stroke

    Just ask anyone that's suffering from chronic meth addiction, they thought they could handle it too.

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