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    Being Disfigured from a Meth Lab Explosion Isn't Always a Lesson Learned

    Being Disfigured from a Meth Lab Explosion Isn't Always a Lesson Learned

    By now most people know what a meth lab is and have heard just how dangerous these clandestine labs are not only to the cooks and their families if they're living in the lab, but also to the environment and people living around a meth lab. There are many different, for lack of a better term, 'recipes' for cooking meth and it depends on the substances used when preparing methamphetamine as to what type of chemical reactions can possibly take place.

    These chemical reactions are very hazardous and have caused explosions, chemical fires and are also responsible for releasing toxic gases into the air and environment. When meth is cooked it produces wastes both liquids and solids which not only contaminate the building and the entire contents but also the soil and groundwater. These contaminates that are left over from cooking meth are most often dumped by the meth cooks and the toxic chemicals reach our groundwater eventually as well as contaminate the soil.

    Many people have been seriously hurt and have even lost the life due to cooking meth and this includes children living in a meth lab. Children have been burned severely due to the toxic chemicals in a meth lab environment which is beyond devastating. I only wish meth cooks understood the dangers they pose to themselves, their children and loved ones and the environment but selfishly I guess they just don't care.

    You would think that if you were seriously hurt and disfigured while manufacturing meth due to a meth lab explosion you would learn your lesson but, not always true. I ran across an article on Mail Online that not only shows how dangerous meth labs are but that not everyone learns from their poor choices and mistakes.

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