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    Children Being Harmed by Meth Use, Abuse and Chemical Exposure

    Children Being Harmed by Meth Use, Abuse and Chemical Exposure

    It's unfortunate enough that people put themselves in harm's way when they illegally manufacture meth or abuse methamphetamines. They're making the choice to either produce meth in their homes or other places or to abuse methamphetamines for purposes of getting high. It's upsetting to say the least when people affect others because of their addiction and even more so when they cook meth and put innocent children in harm's way.

    This happens all of the time sadly and many children have been seriously hurt and burned because they were exposed to the dangerous toxic chemicals associated with cooking meth. You would think by now even the people who illegally cook meth would realize the dangers involved and at least keep innocent children from being exposed to the dangerous and toxic chemical and vapors.

    This isn't the case though and unfortunately children are still getting burned when they're exposed to meth when it's being produced. It doesn't even have to be a large scale illegal clandestine meth lab that puts a child at risk of exposure. Children get seriously hurt and burned when they're around small one pot meth lab production too.

    Children are gifts in our lives and depend on us to take care of them and keep them safe at all times. A child no matter what their age is should never be exposed to drugs let alone the illegal production of them. Fortunately this precious newborn was taken out of harm's way because methamphetamine, paraphernalia and chemicals that are used to produce meth were found in the home.

    Dangers Involved with Exposure to Methamphetamine and Chemicals Used to Produce Meth

    If the child is old enough to put things in their mouth they can ingest chemicals left lying around. It's common in a meth lab to find chemical spills that can easily be touched by a child or even stepped in causing serious burns. These chemicals are absorbed through the skin after making contact with surfaces that are contaminated including their clothes, toys and food.

    Contaminated needles and other drug paraphernalia left lying around is also extremely dangerous and puts children at risk of contaminating them self with meth residue left on dirty needles.

    Fires and explosions are also a serious risk associated with meth lab production. This is how around 15% of the illegal meth labs are found in the first place. Depending on the level of exposure and the types of chemicals used when cooking meth, symptoms of methamphetamine exposure can include:

    1. Headaches
    2. Nausea and queasiness
    3. Tiredness and fatigue

    If the level of exposure to chemicals used to produce methamphetamine are high enough, symptoms can also include:

    1. Breathing problems
    2. Coughs
    3. Chest pain
    4. Coordination can become impaired
    5. Eyes can become irritated
    6. Breathing in vapors and fumes when cooking meth can cause burning of the skin, nose, eyes and mouth
    7. Death

    Prolonged exposure to chemicals used when producing meth can cause brain damage, liver damage, kidney damage, damage to the spleen, affect your immune system and may cause cancer. Exposure to toxic chemicals used when producing meth if a woman is pregnant, can cause birth defects.

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