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  • Nov

    Crystal Meth Doesn't Just Create Euphoria, Delusions and Paranoia Can Be Experienced Too

    Crystal Meth Doesn't Just Create Euphoria, Delusions and Paranoia Can Be Experienced Too

    Some of the very serious risks that are associated with long term use of methamphetamine include hallucinations and psychosis which involves psychotic and delusional behavior. Individuals can suffer from paranoia and become delusional hearing things that aren't really there, feeling bugs crawling under the skin that don't exist, their thoughts can become irrational, they can become violent and sometimes fear the world around them is out to 'get them'.

    Unfortunately this form of psychotic behavior brought on from abusing meth over an extended period of time can continue for months or even years even after the individual has stopped using the drug. Psychotic behavior, hallucinations and paranoia can also be experienced when a person abuses the drug during their 'intense meth trip'.

    It's not always easy to understand what a person can experience during hallucinations and paranoid behavior brought on by the use of meth. ABC News talks about what some people have experienced during an intense paranoid meth trip and the fact that the use of "methamphetamines can directly cause a permanent psychosis".

    You just don't realize how serious and powerfully intense drugs like crystal meth are when they're abused and that a person can suffer from the effects long after they stop using the drug.

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