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    Effects of Meth Use Aren't Just Pleasurable

    Effects of Meth Use Aren't Just Pleasurable

    Meth is so powerful that first time use can get a person hooked on the meth for life. Meth is a highly addictive synthetic stimulant and not only can dependence be developed very easily, it's one of the hardest drugs to stop using and one of the most difficult addiction's to treat. Sadly though, people don't realize that before trying the powerful drug.

    Pleasurable Short Term Effects of Meth Use

    Drugs affect people differently. Not everyone that does meth becomes addicted but a significant amount of people do and many have reported they felt they were hooked after first time use. Meth has a powerful impact on the brain triggering a flood of dopamine to be released, thus creating an unbelievably high level of pleasure.

    Besides intense euphoria, meth also causes an increase in energy, wakefulness, confidence, focus and even feelings of desirability. For many people, the first meth-induced euphoric high can be extremely pleasurable but these feelings don't last forever, they fade away and can leave the user craving the powerful experience again.

    Negative Short Term Effects of Meth Use

    Meth doesn't just induce pleasure, there are also negative short term effects associated with use which can lead a person to repeat their dose. When a meth induced high wears off (crash), it can leave users feeling exhausted, irritable, unbelievably depressed and anxious. A methamphetamine crash can be extremely miserable and in order to feel better, the user may be compelled to repeat their use.

    Meth Addiction

    You don't become addicted to meth with first time use. Meth addiction is developed with repeated use over a period of time. Unfortunately individuals that abuse drugs feel they can control their use, they don't realize just how powerful and addictive many of them are. Repeated use of meth changes brain chemistry and eventually the user isn't in control of their use, meth's horrific effects are controlling them.

    Just because a person may know someone that's used meth and didn't become addicted doesn't mean they will have the same results if they were to experiment with it. Unfortunately this is one of the reasons some people have tried meth and now they're chronic users. The pleasurable effects meth may produce are hardly worth risking addiction, hallucinations, delusions, paranoia, brain damage, stroke, incarceration and possibly death.

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