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    Euphoria Isn't the Only Consequence Associated with Ecstasy Use

    Euphoria Isn't the Only Consequence Associated with Ecstasy Use

    MDMA, also referred to as ecstasy, is a drug that's become quite popular among young people and produces feelings of euphoria when used. Ecstasy is a psychoactive stimulant drug that's quite similar to methamphetamine and mescaline as well. When young people use ecstasy they commonly experience a lot of energy, they're less inhibited and shy and their perception is distorted.

    We also know that the use of ecstasy (MDMA) can cause muscle tension, blurry vision, and feelings of nausea when used to get high. An ecstasy user's blood pressure and heart rate also increases. Some people may also begin to sweat, feel dizzy and can even experience chills. Not everyone experiences the exact same effects and one can really never be sure they're even taking ecstasy.

    Ecstasy is a very powerful stimulant drug that produces sometimes serious side effects which include emotional issues like anxiety and depression. These symptoms can actually last for a week sometimes depending on the person. Because the effects a person experiences when they take ecstasy are really miserable and uncomfortable for some people, they won't use the drug again. Unfortunately MDMA is addictive for some people and if they do choose to take the drug again they risk tolerance, addiction and possible overdose or death.

    In addition to the fact that ecstasy can be addicting and has very uncomfortable and serious side effects associated with the drug, you really never know what's in it since it's a synthetic (man-made) drug. Every time a person takes ecstasy (MDMA) to get high, they not only experience hallucinogenic effects from the stimulant drug, but they are also risking death. There's no way of knowing what's really in the drug, if the drug is tainted or not, or if it really is ecstasy.

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