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    Prenatal Exposure to Dextroamphetamine and Meth During Pregnancy

    Prenatal Exposure to Dextroamphetamine and Meth During Pregnancy

    Because there are so many teens and young adults today using drugs like meth and Dextroamphetamine recreationally, it's important to know the risks involved if you abuse these drugs during pregnancy. Dextroamphetamine is prescribed to help control symptoms associated with ADHD but there are a lot of young people using the drug illegally to get high. When a person uses drugs like Dextroamphetamine recreationally, they usually take high doses and they're putting themselves and their unborn child's health at risk.

    Methamphetamine is another drug that's illegally abused by many teens and young adults today. Using meth during pregnancy also threatens the mother's health as well as her unborn child's. It's important to seek medical help and advice if you have a problem with meth and find out that you're pregnant.

    Abusing Dextroamphetamine or Methamphetamine during pregnancy can cause serious problems not to mention the fact that you risk overdose when abusing drugs. Meth is a stimulant drug that causes your heart rate to increase, can cause hallucinations, paranoia, and problems with sleep. If you're experiencing these symptoms when you abuse meth, what's your unborn child experiencing during the same time?

    Using methamphetamine during pregnancy or taking high doses of Dextroamphetamine while pregnant is very dangerous and can lead to:

    1. Miscarriage
    2. Premature birth
    3. Low birth weight
    4. Increased risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)
    5. Babies can experience withdrawal symptoms when born

    Your newborn baby if exposed to meth or Dextroamphetamine during pregnancy can have problems sleeping, eating and show signs of jitteriness and agitation. The babies muscle tone can be impaired and they can experience tremors also. Premature birth due to methamphetamine use during pregnancy puts your baby at risk for problems with breathing, learning, hearing and vision problems too.

    Remember This

    1. When you're pregnant your unborn child's needs come first
    2. Your baby experiences what you experience during drug use
    3. You have a choice to get help and say no to drug use, your unborn child doesn't.

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