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    Tennessee Warns Public About Synthetic Stimulant Use

    Tennessee Warns Public About Synthetic Stimulant Use

    Synthetic stimulants are used by a lot of people because they're considered a cheap high and the one's that commonly use drugs like inhalants, bath salts, salvia, and synthetic forms of ecstasy are young people. The use of these types of stimulants ends up sending a lot of young people to the hospital for emergency medical treatment. Young people just don't understand how dangerous the use of inhalants, bath salts household goods, and nutmeg are nor do they realize the use of them can cause seizures, heart damage and death.

    In Tennessee their Department of Health issued a public warning earlier this year about the serious health problems that were developing in their state due to improper use of household goods, synthetic stimulants and other items that are not meant for human consumption. The number of people in need of medical treatment due to synthetic stimulant use was dramatically increasing at that time.

    Salvia is a psychoactive plant that grows naturally. The main chemical in salvia is Salvinorin A which is a hallucinogen. Salvia is synthetic marijuana and there are many serious side effects associated with this drug that can land a person in the hospital. People who abuse salvia experience hallucinations most of the time.

    1. Molly's Plant Food and Purple Monkey Plant Food are a synthetic form of ecstasy containing contaminants that can damage the brain and neurological system which can cause uncontrollable body movements.
    2. Bath salts produce a meth like high and sometimes users experience violent behavior. The use of bath salts has sent many people to the emergency room due to serious illness.
    3. Nutmeg contains myristicin which has mind altering affects when a person ingests large doses. Hallucinogenic effects similar to LSD are experienced in high doses.
    4. Huffing vapors from inhalants is common among some young people, breathing in the chemical vapors for their mind altering effects is not only dangerous but can be life threatening.

    Tennessee isn't the only state that finds these synthetic drugs and household inhalants to be a problem. Throughout the United States synthetic drugs and inhalants are commonly used by people to get high and threaten the health and well-being of their young citizens.