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    Young People Don't Smoke Crystal Meth Just to Fit In or Get High

    Young People Don't Smoke Crystal Meth Just to Fit In or Get High

    A lot of young people smoke crystal meth because it helps them focus better in school or helps them study for tests. After researching forums online I realized not all young people use crystal meth just to get high or to fit in with their friends. What they don't realize in the beginning is just how addictive meth is and how easy it is to become dependent on it in a short period of time.

    I don't think people young and older realize that not only does crystal meth include ingredients like ephedrine or pseudoephedrine, but it also contains chemicals like acetone, drain cleaner, lithium, iodine, and paint thinner, kerosene, red phosphorous and muriatic acid. There are many different methods of making meth and the ingredients mentioned above are toxic enough. No telling what other dangerous and toxic ingredients some meth cooks include in their recipe.

    Dangerous Health Effects of Crystal Meth Use

    1. Crystal Meth Use Can
    2. Lead to addiction
    3. Cause serious damage to blood vessels in the brain that can eventually lead to a stroke
    4. Paranoia and delusions that develop during meth use don't always stop when a person stops using meth. These symptoms can last for months or years after a person stops using crystal meth.
    5. Cause damage in the brain that last's a long time and may be irreversible
    6. Causes your teeth to decay, break easily, and fall out
    7. Causes you to scratch uncontrollably because it feels like there are bugs crawling under your skin
    8. Develop nasty scars from picking and scratching at these imaginary bugs
    9. Due to the toxic chemicals smoking crystal meth can cause irreparable damage to the lining inside your nose

    Overdose is always a concern no matter what substance is being abused but if an overdose occurs from crystal meth use your body temperature can elevate dangerously high, convulsions can occur, and then cardiovascular collapse can result in DEATH.

    Physical Signs of Meth Use

    1. Loss of weight or appetite
    2. Extreme perspiring
    3. Rapid talking
    4. Signs of agitation and hyperactivity
    5. Sexuality is increased
    6. Trouble sleeping
    7. Compulsive behavior that's repetitive
    8. Picking and scratching that eventually causes sores to develop
    9. Euphoria
    10. Anxiety
    11. Paranoia and delusions
    12. Suicidal tendencies
    13. Depression
    14. Sudden outbursts of aggression and irritability

    What's sad is that some of these kids that smoke crystal meth to help them focus don't understand that in a short period of time they can get hooked. When a person smokes crystal meth frequently they suffer loss of memory, their attention span becomes impaired, and their learning functions are reduced. They start out smoking crystal meth to focus and in a short period of time the effects of crystal meth impairs their attention span.

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