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Teen Stories of Meth Abuse and Struggles

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    It Is Up to You to Get Help - I did

    I am a 19 year old girl and yes I used meth. I was in foster homes on and off my whole life. They finally placed me in a permanent one because my mother was a dope fiend. She was constantly having mood swings as I was growing up and would flip out at least once a week. My Dad was an attorney so they were in two different worlds. There was constantly fighting. By the time I hit high school; I got a boyfriend and moved out. I started selling bud and parting a lot during freshman year. Before I knew it, I had tried cocaine. That lasted for 2 months and then I moved up to bigger and better things. I found dope.

    That was when it all started. I left my boyfriend for this new home girl that I had met and she introduced me to the dope scene. She was only 13 although she told us all she was 16. We believed her because she had a car. It was stolen, although we didn't know that either. She and I lived together from house to house while she slept with everyone possible. Before i know it I had been raped and lost my virginity that way. I had quit high school and turned my back on anyone that had any importance to me before I found dope. So this life style went on for 2.5 years. Constantly fighting, getting arrested and just all around losing my mind. I started shooting up and then life just went even more downhill.

    It all had started because the guy I was dating shot up and I was trying to get him to quit. I was the one everyone couldn't understand because I wanted more for everyone and would try to help everyone else but couldn't help myself. I would try to quit but couldn't stay off it for more than 3 days throughout the entire 3 years. Finally i walked in on that same best fried having sex with that same boyfriend and it was the 3 year anniversary of my brother's murder. So I literally walked to the trolley, went to a 10 day rehab program in downtown San Diego, and haven't turned back to that life. That was April 1, 2004.

    I have been clean ever since and do still sometimes have the cravings for meth, but I know that I have come too far to step back again. I feel that that day something just clicked inside of me and just turned my head away from that lifestyle. I now have finally achieved my high school diploma, gotten my license and completed a trade school called Job Corps. I lost myself and who I am for a drug, i will never be the same person and it is the hardest thing to deal with, but there is always hope in a recovering addict's heart. So for anyone that reads this please know that there is help out there and it is up to you and only you to find it. I did at 18. Don't wait until it is too late.

    Carolanne, Lakeside, California, USA

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