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Teen Stories of Meth Abuse and Struggles

  • Mar

    My Life Has Been a Living Hell

    Hi, it's April 15th 2005. I'm 14. I don't really remember everything because my mom's been doing it all my life, but I do remember A LOT. When I was 9 we lived in Bartow with my mom's boyfriend in some hellhole trailer. They would stay up for days. I always wondered why I saw shit all over the house. Now that I know what the things are that I always saw lying around the house, it just freaks me out SO BAD to know that my mom actually did that shit.

    Well, she got worse and worse every day and then she got taken one day by the cops. They just went into my house and yanked her up, put cuffs on her and she was gone. She went to jail for about a couple months. I lived with my Grandma and Grandpa in plant city. My mom would write me every day saying how she was never going to touch the shit again and for a while, I actually believed her. I guess when you're in that position, where you have nobody and you're all alone you believe whatever you want to hear and what you wish could actually be real. So did I, and when she got out guess where we ended up? Right back out in Bartow with the same boyfriend. This time it got even worse. He beat her up all the time. Sometimes, we would leave for a night or two, but she would take us right back to him.

    We eventually moved into a house. I was finally happy. I thought we were going to live like a normal family, but the same shit remained. They fought, he beat her every day. They argued over meth and that was about it. I was like a ghost to them, and no one knew how I felt, and I never told her.

    After maybe about a year my mom got in a fight with this lady over DOPE and the lady threatened to burn our house down because my mom whooped her ass. They ignored the threat because they didn't think she had enough balls to do so. However, about a month after that everything changed. I was at my mom's friend's house because that's where I lived most of the time. My mom and her boyfriend weren't together anymore and he was on his way home one night probably from one of his chicken head friends' houses. He saw flames through the trees on the next street from the house, and when he got to our house, it was IN FLAMES. He called my mom and my mom raced out to where we lived. I BEGGED to go but she said no. I mean, I should have been there to ya know? It was my home too. Well my mom called me from her cell when she got out there. She told me that all of our stuff was gone including the house. My dog was in the house also. She said he must have gone into the house looking for me while the house was burning and the floor fell in. The firefighters were able to save him and I got to see him because after our house burnt down we put an old motor home on the property. He only lived for a while, and then he died because of his lungs. The smoke in the house got in his lungs and he couldn't breathe much longer. So he died about a month after the fire.

    After that my mom and her boyfriend got back together and everything remained the same. The beating, the drugs, the loneliness and the pain. She was a fiend; she had to have it EVERY SECOND. She was always angry, yelled a lot and always had a bad attitude. My sister has always felt left out because she's never been there when my mom was on the dope. My mom abandoned her because of her boyfriend. However, my sister has a dad that she lived with. I don't so that's why I lived with my mom, and that's why my life has been a living hell.

    Well anyways, we lived back out in Bartow after our house burning down for a year. Once my mom went to rehab for 6 months, but she still did crank after the rehab for a while. We eventually moved to New Port Richey and were fine. Our lives are now much better without the DRUGS. My cousin Megan is now on it, and I just don't know what to do. She says she WILL NOT QUIT. She just won't and I feel sorry for her, but then I don't because it's all her fault not mine and not anyone else's either. She sees what it has done to her dad my Uncle Geno who is a crystal meth user till this day, and my other Cousin Nick Megan's brother.


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