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Teen Stories of Meth Abuse and Struggles

  • Mar

    Try Being 13

    Hey what's up, my name is Jessica I'm 13. My parents have been using meth since I was 2. All I remember is when I was 9. My Dad never came and saw me. I had to baby sit my two baby brothers and I was only 9 at the time. When I was 12, I was taken out of school by cops who said that I was going to live in a group home well foster shelter. My brothers, sisters, and I were spilt up.

    My grandma finally found my Dad; but he was cooking and selling. My grandparents became my foster parents. I hated it. I missed my family. Then in the summer of 2003, I just left and went to live with my Mom and her ex-husband; who were still living together.

    I remember fights every night and something in the kitchen burning almost every night. My mom was usually in the bathroom locked inside. My Mom would just leave in the middle of the night with her ex's and go on a binge for days, even weeks at a time. My brothers and sisters and I had nothing to eat, only water and sometimes there was cheese in the refrigerator, but you can't live on cheese.

    So in October of 2003, the kids got taken away again. I was sent to a foster shelter again. They found my Dad again, and I went to live with him. Oh my god, that was a terrible mistake! I never saw him in the month I lived there. All I saw was his drug buds. I hated it. It felt like my Dad's best friend was my Dad and his girlfriend was my Mom. So when people asked me who my parents are; I said I don't have any - mine died from meth overdose. Sometimes I wished that they did, to get away from this horrible drug.

    Then in January of 2004 my so called father got burnt. He was cooking it and it exploded, he grabbed it like a dumb-ass and he fell on it. He was in the hospital for at least a month. He had 3rd degree burns all over his body they said he might not heal. I was thinking great my Dad is Freddy k. But for my birthday I got my Dad taken to jail. Then he got out on Thanksgiving but he had to go straight to rehab.

    My Mom went to rehab for a couple of months. She had us living with her then she decided to shot up once more. We got taken away for a third time. All I said to her was "you're a meth whore." Then walked away. So she got kicked out of that program. She went to another rehab. Got kicked out of that one again. Then they let her back and she is doing a little bit better. She's going to get me on the weekends and I guess I hope everything will work out. Don't think I don't love my parents. I mean I do, but try being a 13 year old and raising your brothers and sisters.

    Lylmf Jessica Charleston, WV., USA

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