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Teen Stories of Meth Abuse and Struggles

  • Feb

    When I Am 40

    Hi my name is Melissa and I have been smoking dope since I was 14. I started smoking dope when my best friend Megan said wanna have some fun and of course I had to say yes. Ever since then I have been doing dope. Every day I am right back smoking dope telling myself that one bowl won't hurt, but I go through at least a half (gram) a day by myself. The worst part about it is that my boyfriend cooks it and I can get anything I want. After about a year of smoking it, I realized what was happening to me when I sobered up. I was constantly yelling at my Mom when I was home. I was stealing anything worth money. I dropped 49 pounds in three months and I slept about a total of a month within 9 months.

    I am trying to stop now. I got sick of all the drama and always looking out the windows thinking someone's coming for me or that someone's watching me 24-7 even in a room where there is no possible way for anyone to be watching me. My friends just called it "Geeked the fuck out" but now I realize how much stuff I have sold for dope, and how many good friends I have lost.

    I dropped out of school because I was so paranoid, thinking everyone was watching me and that the cops were coming for me. At one point I had about 6 grams on me and I had to flip it which means pretty much double my price by ripping people off. So I did and I had a sawed off shot gun for my dope man and about 2 grams left to smoke and about 700 dollars. We were riding down the road and it was about 4 in the morning and we got pulled over for not stopping at a stop sign.

    So me and my friend jumped out and started running. I made it to my Mother's house about 3 hours later and my friend got arrested and charged for a controlled substance, resisting arrest, and possession of an unregistered weapon. He never told who was with him (me), and he is now spending 4 years in jail, because I talked him in to slanging some dope and being up all the time.

    I quit giving a shit about what I looked like after a while. I was always biting my nails and I never used to do that. I am always looking behind me and out windows and it's hard to realize what is happening to yourself. Most people who smoke dope are probably still at the point where they think it's okay, but when you sober up and realize what you have and are taking for granted it's a harsh reality.

    I was sleeping with every cute guy I saw no matter what his age. I was always concentrating on sex and more dope. For all the young people reading this, take my advice and quit while you have the chance. I still am trying to quit. I won't lie. I do it occasionally, but I am in rehab and trying my best to stop for good. It ruined so many good things in my life and when I am 40, I want to have memories of when I was younger, other than holding a tube in one hand a blow torch in the other.

    Melissa Dye, Floral city, Florida, United States

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