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  • Feb

    Attention Deficit Disorder and Meth Use

    I have had Attention Deficit Disorder all my life and I use Meth as medicine. I see it destroying others around me but it only makes me feel normal. I don't feel it's a problem. Is there something wrong with that?

    Yes, this is extremely dangerous and down the road you may end up with very serious consequences due to your choice of self-medication. When you're diagnosed with ADD by a doctor, medications are prescribed in specific doses that are safe and effective. You can also rest assured that the chemicals in the prescribed medication to treat ADD are safe unlike meth that's bought on the street.

    Follow-ups with the doctor to make sure there are no negative effects from the medication and that you're receiving the proper dose are equally important. Street drugs such as meth are very dangerous because you don't know what's actually in it. There are so many dangerous, toxic, and lethal chemicals that are used when producing meth you may not see the signs but I'll bet others can.

    Even though you may disagree, you are probably dependent on meth now and it has positively taken a toll on your body even if you don't see it. Please seek the help of a professional for the treatment of your ADD, I promise you what you're doing now is unsafe and dangerous.

    Methamphetamine addiction is very serious but there is wonderful treatment available today. Don't continue to self-medicate your ADD, find a qualified professional physician who will prescribe you the right medication, it could save your life in the end.