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Ask Michelle - Questions & Answers about Meth Addiction and Recovery

  • Feb

    ADHD and Anger Outbursts

    I recently found out that my boyfriend's mother used meth throughout her pregnancy with him. Could this be part of the cause of his ADHD and frequent anger outbursts? What are the long-term (into adulthood) effects on children of meth users?

    Unfortunately, there is very little information available that links meth use during pregnancy with ADHD in childhood. There have been a few studies that shows meth use during pregnancy can cause heart and brain abnormalities though.

    Methamphetamine use during pregnancy can cause low birth weight, research does show that children who are born with low birth weight are at risk of learning and other problems which may or may not include ADHD. Research has also shown that it's possible that chronic exposure to environmental meth contaminations might result in a focusing problem that is similar to children with ADD.

    There is some data that shows children that have been exposed to methamphetamines in utero often do have ADHD and are prone to outbursts of anger. Unfortunately not enough studies have been done long term to know all the dangers and effects of meth exposure during pregnancy.