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Questions & Answers about Meth Addiction and Recovery

  • Mar

    Difference between Addicts and Functional Users

    Could you please tell me the difference between addicts and functional users? Do functional users neglect their children or other things that are important to them? Do all meth addicts suffer from open sores and do they all spend hours picking at them?

    Functional meth users are able to maintain their career and live their life as normal as possible. They are able to take care of themselves as well as their other obligations. Functional users are really only functional because they're able to use. If they didn't have their fix when they need it, they wouldn't be able to function. Most functional users over time if they don't stop, become full blown addicts.

    A meth addict is unable to maintain a normal life and holding down a job or managing a career is impossible. A meth addict shows physical signs of drug use also, they're high most of the time and if not high, they're tweaking. They look as though they haven't slept, eaten or taken care of themselves in days or weeks because they haven't. Meth Addicts have sores, scabs, rashes or blisters on their face and bodies from using meth and their teeth begin to rot and fall out.

    When a parent uses meth or any other drug they're neglecting their children and their parental obligations whether they're functional users or not. Remember what was said above, they're able to be functional users because they get their fix when needed. Once a person starts using meth they are never able to completely be their self. In many ways the child or children are neglected because their parent is unable to really be there. So the answer to your question regarding functional use and neglect of their children is yes.

    Meth addicts almost always develop sores or rashes and pick at them but not always to the same extent. The more chronic the use they worse they become. Chronic meth users can't help but compulsively pick and scratch because of the imaginary bugs they feel crawling on them most of the time. Many occasional meth users experience sores and rashes but they may not compulsively pick and scratch to the same degree.