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Questions & Answers about Meth Addiction and Recovery

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    Health Problems

    I have used ice for about a year and a half, and have now been clean for a month. Do you think I will have health problems?

    Good for you, I know that wasn't easy but I promise you it was the best decision you could have ever made for yourself. As hard as it may get at times please don't make the choice to use again even during times of weakness.

    As far as health problems go, that depends on how you used ice. Even though your drug use was somewhat short there are always health related problems when using drugs. More than likely there is some damage that will hopefully heal over time. If you used for a year and a half it may take that long to be back to normal as long as there was no major damage to your lungs from smoking it. If you snorted it your nasal cavities will need to heal and hopefully there's no major damage. Injecting it can be serious if you shared needles or they weren't clean.

    A lot has to do with your age, your over-all health before and during drug use, and how often you used meth. Many people use more than one drug and sometimes use alcohol. All of these factors come into play with it comes to drug use and health. Work hard and stay clean and see your physician if you have any medical concerns. Good Luck with your sobriety!

    Long-term Effects Of Using Ueth

    First Followup Question:
    I have been doing meth for 12 years. I appear to be somewhat normal on the outside, with a successful career, but am an emotional wreck on the inside, and fear the damage I am doing to myself. No matter where I look, I can't find any DETAILED info on long term effects of smoking meth. I am scared, and need some real info on what I've done.

    Unfortunately after 12 years of using meth there is some damage done. Even short term use of meth can cause some of these problems depending on your over-all heath to begin with. Long term use of meth causes kidney failure, problems with your sight, your teeth begin to decay and fall out, heart failure and severe respiratory failure.

    I hope you will contact your physician and be honest with them about your methamphetamine use. You have to be as open and honest as you can about everything so they can help you. You need an extensive physical in order to know what damage has already been done and your physician will be able to guide you from there. I understand how scared you are, your body is trying to tell you something right now and you need to find out what it is. Your meth use has to stop and I think you know that. Your physician will help and if not, there are other doctors. Good luck and let us know how you're doing.

    Effects of Meth on Your Vital Organs

    Second Followup Question:
    How long would one have to use Meth before vital organs are affected? Is it always fatal when this happens?

    There are many aspects to take into consideration and each person is different so there is no way to answer your question completely.

    1. How long was meth used?
    2. How often and how much was used?
    3. What age is the user?
    4. What is the general health of the user prior to drug use?
    5. Are there any other drugs involved with use of meth?
    6. Does the user drink alcohol?

    Meth begins to damage brain cells, brain function and affects the whole body in the beginning of use. The toxic chemicals as you can imagine as they filter through your system the very first time of use are causing problems and making an impact on your whole body. Eventually yes meth destroys your vital organs and when this happens it can be fatal, many meth users have lost their life due to organ failure.

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