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  • Feb

    Helping A Friend

    Since my two best friends have begun using meth, their lives have gone to crap. They have both lost custody of their kids, their jobs, everything. They still deny that they have a problem, what can I do?

    Your two best friends aren't alone, just like many other people they're addicted to meth and until they're ready to get help on their own nothing you say will make a difference. Meth is so powerful and the high is so intense that once most people start using it they don't want to stop. It doesn't take long to become addicted to meth and by this time nothing else in their life matters.

    Relationships, children, family, career and everything else in their life becomes second because nothing compares to the unrealistic feelings they get when high on meth. Eventually after tolerance and addiction sets in they feel they can't live without meth. The days of using meth to get high begin to fade and those addicted to meth use it because they're so depressed and miserable they can't function without it.

    Talking to your friends won't do anything unfortunately; until they're ready for help meth is their best friend. During times like this families and friends sometimes consider professional Interventions. This is a way of getting someone you love and care about to see their need for help and drug abuse treatment. Interventions have helped thousands of addicts realize what their use of drugs or alcohol has done to them and understand their need for treatment. Interventionist are trained in addiction behaviors and know how talk to the addict without causing serious confrontation and defensive behavior. They not only help the addict get the treatment they so desperately need but they help family and friends too.