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Questions & Answers about Meth Addiction and Recovery

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    My nephew is in the hospital right now from a crystal meth overdose. He was revived and is now seizuring and I was wondering what you could tell me?

    Some people who overdose on meth recover without major consequences but many don't. Sometimes there is major damage done to vital organs and the individual can suffer from liver or kidney failure. Respiratory failure is also possible due to a meth overdose. Sometimes these meth overdoses result in heart failure, strokes or the individual becomes comatose. When major organs are damaged surgeries or transplants may be needed. Unfortunately many drug overdoses result in death especially if the individual doesn't receive medical attention immediately.

    I hope your nephew pulls through this without major medical consequences and he's able to receive the treatment he needs to recover from his crystal meth addiction. Meth is a very powerful addictive drug and professional treatment is usually in order for the person to recover from their dependency.

    Followup Question:
    What does it mean when you have red eyes, increased body temp, and stuffy ears? Are these signs of over using and coming close to a stroke or overdose? What physical signs is there that can warn you of a stroke or overdose? Is there any medication to take to reduce high blood pressure?

    There are several warning signs associated with strokes but not everyone experiences them all. NEVER ignore any sign, take them seriously and call 911 immediately. These signs come on SUDDENLY and may include the following:

    1. Numbness or weakness of the face, arm or leg especially on one side of your body
    2. Confusion, difficulty with understanding and speaking
    3. Vision trouble in one or both eyes
    4. Loss of balance or coordination or trouble walking
    5. Severe headache for no apparent reason

    Meth overdose symptoms are not easy to calculate because there are several factors to take into consideration. The factors include how much meth was taken, were there any medications, illegal drugs or alcohol combined when using meth. Some of the symptoms may include the following:

    1. Hard time sitting still
    2. Breathing fast
    3. Blood pressure would be high or low
    4. Arrhythmia which is changes in the rhythm of the heart
    5. Diarrhea
    6. Nausea or vomiting
    7. Confusion
    8. Fever
    9. Muscle pains
    10. Shakiness or trembling
    11. Aggressiveness
    12. Hallucinating
    13. Seizures
    14. Coma
    15. Death

    High Blood Pressure can be controlled by your physician. There are several good medications for high blood pressure that your doctor can prescribe.