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Questions & Answers about Meth Addiction and Recovery

  • May

    Work & Meth

    I am an employer who suspects an employee of meth use. Can you tell me what the classic signs are so that I may help this person keep their job?

    There are certain signs that are associated with the use of meth that are sometimes noticeable when a person uses the drug. Not everyone shows all of the symptoms listed below, other illegal drugs can also cause some of these symptoms.

    Signs Of Early Meth Use

    1. Extremely and excessively happy (euphoric high)
    2. Appetite decreases
    3. Physical activity increases
    4. Anxiety, shaking hands, nervousness
    5. Nonstop talking
    6. Rapid eye movements
    7. Increased body temperature
    8. Dilated pupils
    9. Sweating that has nothing to do with physical activity

    Symptoms Of Meth Use

    1. Paranoia
    2. Sleeplessness and severe depression
    3. Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea
    4. Extreme anxiety or nervousness and irritability
    5. Seizures
    6. Grinding of teeth, bad teeth, and body odor
    7. Skin infections or sores caused from picking and scratching
    8. Visual and auditory hallucinations
    9. Violent and erratic behavior
    10. Loss of pleasure
    11. Lips may be blistered and fingertips may be blistered or burnt from holding ice pipes that are hot