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Methamphetamine Abuse Poems

Methamphetamine affects every one's life differently and for the worst. Methamphetamines tear families apart by killing friends and loved ones, destroying addict's health or just by causing addicts to pull away from the people they love. Some individuals that are affected by meth express their feelings best through poems. We wanted to share some of these poems with you.

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    The Rebound

    A minute after my heart was broken A glass pipe suddenly appeared It told me not to be afraid And that it would take away all my tears I smoked its crystals for many days Waiting for my tears to go away But they never did Two weeks later, I had lost everything that meant anything to me before I was skinned down and tweaked into an apple core The more meth I smoked the more my body shriveled away I'm still waiting for that better day The day where my tears were washed away Oh, I'm still waiting for that better day So while I'm waiting, hook me up, I'm just waiting for that better day. Young Addict, Ahwatweekie, AZ...

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    I think I am becoming, More than what you see, This wounded person before you, Has not yet fallen to her knees. I cry out "Oh Please Lord Help me" But my prayer he never hears, For my words are often silent, Hidden behind shame and tears....

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    My Internal Confusion

    I escape my problems I ignore my fears I cover my pain And don't shed tears I don't want to face up To what I already know I have SEEN the ending Of my reality show To me this drug's a doorway, A way to run from it all If I re-enter to reality I know that I will fall You should be the one to catch me But it's not you who's there This drug is in your place And you say I'm unfair You gave me the Ultimatum "It's me or this drug" And you say these words with nothing more Than a cold, heartless shrug You said I have a choice to make And you want my answer now I want to choose, I really do But I simply don't know how I'm so afraid that I am losing Every single thing I worked for I feel as if the one I love is Pushing me through that door When I reached the point of no return And even tried to die I said I didn't love you We both know THAT'S a lie I love you more than anything When you are truly there But I hate you even more When you act like you don't care If you love me like you say you do Then why can't you realize I'm not asking you to move mountains Just simply open up your eyes If you could see inside my heart Then you'd know without a doubt I'm not the "Tweaker" you say I am Meth's NOT what I'm about I want to choose you Oh So Bad Without giving Meth a chance I wish I could move on Without a second glance But that isn't even possible Not with the way things are today I feel as if I'm in control "This drug's not in my way" I know you're not responsible Meth's not your claim to fame But through the glass Life's wonderful Right then it's not "The Game" I will always look back and wonder If I can truly cope I know when things get rough I'll always think of dope I want to not have an addiction I wish I could get clean When I want it I feel bad Cause I think it's you that's mean I know It's not just hurting me When I think about the past I know I don't have time to waste Life comes at you TOO FAST! Ashley C. West Jordan, UT...

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    It's Different They Say

    It's different they say. You'll just be up today. Get up lets go, damn you're slow. Can you tell I'm fucked up? I know I can't shut up. At your peak, its love you seek. Do we lay here in bed, trying to sleep hell, no baby let get up and tweek. Did you hear that? I think it was the cat. Damn has it been that long, I should done be gone. A new day is here, and with it brings fear. Time moves so quick as we watch the clock tick. Whether it be near or far you just here a car. Do you want to play? Perhaps a new way? Oh shit! Another day. I got up for something, it must have been nothing. What did you just say? Well I didn't hear it that way. Does this go that way? Did you know it's a new day? What did I just say, uh well I don't know, something anyway. I didn't sleep forgot to eat maybe I should smoke or drink. I'm keeping my seat it's your turn to peak. My eyes are blurred can't see what I just heard. Shh is that the rain I hear? Oh that's just you in there. So weak didn't sleep, didn't eat. Worked till I'm sore I can't handle anymore. Don't lose hope we get more dope. Go lay down, you look like a clown. To hell with you, I'm not through. It's different they say, a week can be just one long day I Val Yum, Laceys Spring, Alabama...

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    Once upon a tweekend dreary, We stayed awake, though weak and weary. Seeing things that are not there, But we're too high to even care. We've got so many things to do, Just can't remember what-can you? Ninilicious, Los Angeles, California, USA...

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    I Hurt Myself Today

    I hurt myself today To see if I still feel I focus on the pain The only thing that's real The needle tears a hole The old familiar sting Try to kill it all away But I remember everything What have I become? My sweetest friend Everyone I know Goes away in the end You could have it all My empire of dirt I will let you down I will make you hurt I wear this crown of thorns On my liars chair Full of broken thoughts Hurt I cannot repair Beneath stains of time The feelings disappear You are someone else I am still right here What have I become? My sweetest friend Everyone I know Goes away in the end You can have it all My empire of dirt I will let you down I will make you hurt If I could start again A million miles away I would keep myself I would find a way Johnny Cash...

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