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Methamphetamine Abuse Poems

Methamphetamine affects every one's life differently and for the worst. Methamphetamines tear families apart by killing friends and loved ones, destroying addict's health or just by causing addicts to pull away from the people they love. Some individuals that are affected by meth express their feelings best through poems. We wanted to share some of these poems with you.

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    Shattered Images

    Have you found what you're looking for? Perhaps your convinced you need to look some more. Can you remember what it is you're trying to find? Or is it lost in the smoke that's feeding your mind. Is this where you really want to be? I don't think so, that's not what you told me. Are you healthy, happy and well? Or do you feel you've fallen and gone to hell. Are the answers in that poison you buy? You know as well as I do that's a big lie. How did you get to where you are now? Do you want to change it or are you lost and don't know how? Are you sick and tired of this daily grind yet? Or are you comfortable and quite content? Pay attention to the signs. The shadows are telling you something it's not in your mind. Have you seen the changes your body makes? How many times do your eyes need to shake? Seeing how close to God you can get. Life isn't a game for you to bet. What do you think about when you are spun? Do you remember when you use to have fun? How do you feel when you are tweaked? Have you considered your alone, angry and freaked. When is the last time you enjoyed the stars? Have you traded that beauty for the sight of sleazy bars. Are you strong just because you can survive? It doesn't mean a thing you can be weak and still alive! You haven't turned your back on family and friends. But don't get confused thinking that's them in the crack dens. Are you aware that you are loved? Or do you prefer to keep getting shoved? Are you ready to win instead of lose? Beat down those drugs, demons and booze. Drop them before they drop you. Or else they may turn your brain into goo. The intelligent man that you are, I know you won't let it get that far. Living in this toxic haze will only bring you darker days. Think about what I have said. If I hadn't listened I would have been dead. Someone helped me and I hope we can help you. But the first step is for you to do. Lift your chin up tall and high. Remember who you really are, who loves you and why. Pick up the shattered images that remain. Put them back together and look at yourself whole again. But even if you prefer the bright nights and dark days. Remember your friends are only a phone call away. They are your friends no matter what. Our doors are open and never shut. Jody Graham, Guelph, Ontario, Canada...

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    Sitting in his car today, I cried and watched my daughter play. Thinking of All the reasons "Why, can I keep going, should I try?"...

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    My Journey

    Deeply gaze into my crystal eight-ball. Hear the Juke box playing another song. This semi-charmed Life is long due to be gone. All the lives I storm through dusk until dawn; dawn until dusk. The cycle only repeats, until this machine like body shuts down to reap sleep. Then awakens again to consume more glass; scattered, Shattered glass like the remnants of the past. The clock mocks me; the hands as they tick. This razor blade tickles as it slides along my wrist. The dragon pours more smoke into my lungs; Breathes the breath of fire. Life desired, the soul won't run. Here comes the cavalry, the paramedics at my door; Beckon me to answer I will answer them no more. Beat the barricade, see the walls cave in. Another journey, I am on to the Insane Asylum. Josh H....

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    I Found a Friend

    Not long ago, I found a friend. They vowed to take care of me, Right till the end. They would always pick me up. Never let me fall. They promised they would see me through, and deal with it all. I was getting lazy hung-over constantly. Job was on the line. Same with friends and family. My new friend made me social. Helped me get things done. Whispered words of confidence. Made things seem more fun. I soon began losing weight. Stayed awake for days on end, And then began to realize. This was not a friend! I felt good for a while. Shiny, Happy and Free. But then things started going downhill. They weren't as fun as they used to be. Leers, Anxiety, Tweaking, Possessions', Guilt and shame were my new found obsessions. Cracked lips, speed bumps, paranoia, fear. "Oh shit, who's at my door, Are those gunshots that I hear?" I told my friend I was done with them And tried to push away. They laughed at me and said "My dear, you haven't heard my say. I've got you by the hair, I've got you by the brain, You can't let me go, my dear. There is still more suffering and pain. I've got you wanting more you see. You will never walk away. Not without more hits of me. To get you through the day." Angela E....

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    My Own Truth

    Every day I look in the mirror, I see, This person that I hate, I can't stand to be, This person that I see; this person is now me. Caring I do less and less, My life has become one big mess, The truth in not told; this no one will confess. Every day I find myself crying, On the inside I am dying, This time in life has become very trying. I stayed confined to one place, It is taking over the human race, This life will leave no mark; leave no trace. My life has become meaningless, hollow, I have now become self-absorbed, shallow, Everyone it will consume; it will swallow. This happiness I feel is fake, My spirit it will not break, From this dream, this nightmare, I must wake. This is my own addiction, This agony is my own self affliction, This life it is lived without loyalties; lived without conviction. I live this life I know it is not right, I once looked at life with a different light, I will not give up; I will beat this fight. Erica G....

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    It starts out a line, then two or three Next thing you know your house is clean as can be After a while your nose is scorched So you find yourself with a Pyrex and good ol propane torch Oh no! Its 9am 3rd time this week your late You promised your boss you'd be there by 8 So while you're "laid off" you have a backup plan A few weeks later, you're known as "the man" Now you're paying the bills and smoking for free Not realizing the underlying Fee Things are going smooth until your man gets popped Now your new job is suddenly dropped Oh well "I can quit" you say The buzz isn't really that great these days anyway Then one day the syringe catches your eye AHHHH now in the devils lap you lie Now it's got you dangling on a wire by a hook To support a habit like this you learn to cook It doesn't take long the DEA is on your trail The neighbors report a chemical smell The house is on fire, you're going to jail. cjgarden...

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