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Methamphetamine Abuse Poems

Methamphetamine affects every one's life differently and for the worst. Methamphetamines tear families apart by killing friends and loved ones, destroying addict's health or just by causing addicts to pull away from the people they love. Some individuals that are affected by meth express their feelings best through poems. We wanted to share some of these poems with you.

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    Someone Who You'll Come to Love

    I'm someone whom you'd come to love, I'm someone whom you'd always think of. Just one night with me and I'll make you see, Just how addicted you can be to me. I'll be the cause of your sleepless nights, I'll cause you some arguments and even some fights. I'll make you lose weight because of not eating, You'll come to me, at times when your fiening. Certain times I'll make you flash, To have me and own me just show me cash. By now you should know me, I'm called crystal meth or batu, There's a lot more damage i can really do to you. If ever you fall in love with me, don't be a fool Keep in your mind, and remember this rule, Don't ever use and abuse me, in fact don't even start. Once I get a hold of you I'll be forever in your heart. CP...

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    Silent Killer

    Existence, it seems, Is an undying grey, With no desire for release, My soul mutely pales away. Intoxicated into, A passionless state, How long can I resist, This substance formed by hate? A self-sufficient load, I attempt to retain alone, A frown engraved, On a face set like stone. No sanity worth living for, No security in death, Why did no one warn me, Of this silent killer, meth? LMM, BC, Canada...

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    Pleasure to Pain

    It's easy to fall from pleasure to pain, Just dig out a spoonful and look for a vain. Your head will spin, your heart will pound. You'll hear strange noises although there isn't a sound Your eyes will go blind so that you can't see. The true form of pain rearing its head in misery You'll look for friends but none can be found, They're either off to the next man or 6ft in the ground. You'll feel the torture of losing right down to your bones, When you see your world has crashed because of the stones, Some die horribly in their addiction and nightmares. So feel lucky if you can break the spell, Even if it means prison isn't that better than HELL? Break free while you can from sourcers grasp. Drop the needle and peel off the mask! There's a better person down inside of us all, We just stumbled upon a rock and couldn't stop the fall. Jerry...

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    Nix, Nate, and Never

    If it's simple keep it quick, and thinning it was thick And crooked yeah like bent, down the uppers went If its fragile means it's cracked and if it's started don't look back And climbing yeah like those, in and out right on the nose You looking for a crying shoulder Or just someone to blame Cause you lost your mamas tall order And now you're bad Cause you got no shame Keep crying till I find you Gotta let your head leak Your daddy knows what you're doing And mamas just a freak Nix the cocktail hang with thirsty nate ain't got no mercy Slammed damn no regard, and never peeked in your back yard And if you love it you're a waste and if you take it grab the case Running yes this nation away from prescribed fixation Companies make your high States approve the deal If you choose not to buy The little piggy's squeal If it's not what they want Then the robes demand Taxes will be paid To live on this free land If it's hard make it cushy, if it's easy then be pushy And busy yeah like far out you've lost your mind and no doubt If it's good it's gotta be bad and your alive so you better be glad Stupid yeah like dope I was born on a limb with a rope Knocking starts your whine I say whose following you We are all standing in line If what you say is true Keep your guts a spilling Eyes open and awake Nate will never nix the killing But more effectively for mankind's sake Can't use force or guns On the neighbor cross the way But will get the weak ones addicted Enslaved and dying 10000 a day madtender...

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    Life or Meth

    I can't stop this feeling, This terrible fear That I can never beat it That it will always be here. Stuck in this life Of misery and disgrace Who am I now I can't even recognize my own face. Life is so short, But the days are so long With this demon living inside me, How long can I go on? Will it ever go away? Or now am I doomed? To live a life of pain, hatred, disgust Can I stop the tweeking? I must! I can't stop the hunger, The craving, The call Of this CRYSTAL METH But I have to choose LIFE Or soon it will be DEATH B. J....

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    I used to be a tweeker it wasn't long ago, I noticed I got weaker and my bones began to show. It started out as something fun; I could do with all my friends, I loved myself when I was spun and then the high would end. My world would come crashing down. I'd feel like total shit, In my tears I could drown. Longing for just ONE more hit. I felt like I would die. If I didn't get some more. My mind would tell me "go get high". But I didn't know what was in store. I thought my life was good, And everything was okay; I was in a euphoric mood. Each and every day. My favorite part was the rush, I would get right when I'd smoke; it felt like a great big pleasure gush. Believe me, it's no joke. Because of this breathtaking feeling, More and more I'd buy, I'd hallucinate monsters on the ceiling. And they often made me cry. I didn't like to feel this way, So I'd smoke a little more, I'd do glass every day. My habit went hardcore. Then I met my very best friend, Ashley was her name, I told her I wanted my habit to end. She said she felt the same, after a couple of days That I decided I could quit, Ashley told my mom of my ways. And that rock bottom I have hit. They have both been real helpful, on my journey to be clean. The help I've gotten is wonderful, and a lot to me it means. Not a day goes by, that I don't crave that stuff, But I do not get high, because my will is just too tough. Hoots...

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