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Letters From Family & Friends of Meth Addicts

Reading stories provided by family members who have seen meth addiction first hand is heart breaking and makes you realize just how devastating drug addiction is. Meth addiction doesn't just destroy the user it destroys everything in their life especially their loved ones and friends. Meth addiction is a disease that's mentally and emotionally debilitating and those who love and care about the meth user are in just as much pain.

Family addiction stories are heartbreaking but they also reassure others that they're not alone and someone out there understands the pain they're going through. Some families have had to use tough love in order to survive the effects meth addiction has on them because the emotional pain is so overwhelming. Our hearts go out to anyone suffering from addiction and that includes family, friends and loved ones because they're in need of healing too.

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    Supporting A Loved One

    Hello, I'm going to keep myself anonymous for this letter. But I would like to say that anyone who has to deal with people using meth is not alone. We all would like to try to help out our loved ones in their time of addiction, but there isn't much we can really do except be there for them. I've had to deal with so many friends and meth problems it's not even funny. But anytime you try to lecture them, it will just make them want to do it more. The town I live in is getting very into meth. It's everywhere you go, and pretty surprising for a small growing town in B.C, Canada....

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    Just A Child

    I met my husband when I was sixteen, seems like a lifetime ago (almost ten years). I think I loved him from the start. We got married when I was eighteen. He was my everything at that time I was at a difficult time in my life. I was either going to go really bad or really good. He made me good. After we were married he started driving a truck, made good money. When I found out I was pregnant we could afford for me stay home with our baby girl. Then I found out he was having an affair, he convinced me stay. I went back to work actually as a Comm. Officer for a local police department. Went back to school as a Criminal Justice major, I was going to be a Parole Officer. The last year he changed. He became moody, and aggressive but never physically violent. I became scared that it was going to become physical, so I left. I've been on my own about a month now. I just found out today that for the past four to five years he has been smoking meth. I had no idea, it's my job to know, and I didn't. That's what hurts more than anything else. I guess I just didn't want to know. Looking back there were a lot of signs. The late nights with no sleep, being gone so much, the odd occasional chemical odor, the severe acne; I could probably go on forever. I don't know if I will ever get over the lies, and the fact that he has gone against everything that I am about now. It's my job, I should have known. Red, Missouri, USA...

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    A Hard Lesson to Learn

    I want to tell you my entire story so that maybe you won't have to go through what I have. I married a clean and sober (7 years) meth addict in October of 2001. She had cleaned up after being incarcerated for 6 months on distribution charges, gone through a residential treatment program, gone to school and gotten a 2 year degree in accounting. She was also one of the most caring and wonderful women and mother that I had ever encountered. She had a few beers after work every day and I didn't realize that as part of being clean and sober, that she was supposed to be avoiding alcohol as well as any other drugs. (You will find out in this story that until very recently, I was very naive about drug use and addiction.) She started drinking more and more each night, (12 pack a night) and I told her that I was concerned about her drinking. She told me that she would cut down. Sure enough she did cut back to her 2 beers a night....

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    Two Friends

    Hi, I'm 13 years old and I have two friends' that use crystal and marijuana. They’re both addicts. Melissa is only going to be 14 years old and she has been doing drugs for about one year now. All she talks about is drugs. She also talk's about Jim Morrison from the Doors because he did drugs to. Then I have my other friend Felicia, well were not friends any more. I gave up on her about 3 months ago because it is so hard to convince her to stop doing drugs. I almost lost her because of drugs. I remember we went to the mall and we were doing crystal in the restroom stalls and she passed out and me and Melissa were so messed up that we didn't know what to do. So we dragged her out of the restroom stall and got a cup of water and started to poor it on her face, it worked. She got up and started laughing and since me and Melissa were messed up we started laughing too. Well Felicia just smokes marijuana. Well I just recovered from crystal and smoking marijuana and I'm not going back to drugs. Smoking or doing drugs is not worth it. All it does is messes up your life and it separates you from everyone. To this day Melissa still does drugs and she just dropped out of summer school. To me she isn't going to have a good future for herself. All she talks about is how her and my brother and my friend James and Jaime are all going to live together in a house and do drugs. That's her, and she also tried to get my best friend to do drugs with her, but I am not going to let her do that. So I hope that whoever is reading this story. I hope you can learn from what I'm saying, that drugs don't do anything but ruin your life. April F....

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    My Solution

    My husband quit because of a series of events. The final kicker was his friend (the one that first taught him how to shoot up speed), died in a tragic fire at age 30. My husband has no belief system. Never had it even as a child and because of this, it scared the shit out of him. He vowed never to do speed again....

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    My Babies Daddy

    I met this guy almost four years ago and we started dating and shortly moved in together. He was a big drinker and I wasn't into drinking that much, but went with him to the bars because I wanted to be with him and not have him leave me to go get 'Drunk', so I started drinking with him....

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