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Letters From Family & Friends of Meth Addicts

Reading stories provided by family members who have seen meth addiction first hand is heart breaking and makes you realize just how devastating drug addiction is. Meth addiction doesn't just destroy the user it destroys everything in their life especially their loved ones and friends. Meth addiction is a disease that's mentally and emotionally debilitating and those who love and care about the meth user are in just as much pain.

Family addiction stories are heartbreaking but they also reassure others that they're not alone and someone out there understands the pain they're going through. Some families have had to use tough love in order to survive the effects meth addiction has on them because the emotional pain is so overwhelming. Our hearts go out to anyone suffering from addiction and that includes family, friends and loved ones because they're in need of healing too.

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    For Our Baby

    I am a meth addict, so is my baby's dad. I stopped doing meth 2 months ago, but he won't quit. So I left and went 500 miles away. It is very hard because I have an addiction to him and to meth. When I look at our daughter I think how could he do this to her, it was enough for me to quit but not for him. The life of meth is behind me, yet it feels like every day it tries to get close to me and my children. It is very hard fighting meth when you don't know many straight people and all the wrong ones keep blowing up your phone. Sara, MS. USA...

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    Unhappy, Stressed and Fearful

    I am a 56 years old grandmother raising my teenage grandson through the foster care program. The boy's mother has been an addict w/Adult ADHD since 17. She has been in prison in two states three times with several local bits of jail time. All related to drug use including theft, shoplifting, and parole violations. My Daughter started out as an alcohol abuser; she didn't like marijuana. She moved into cocaine, then crack, then Heroin and prescription drugs....

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    Living With A Meth User

    I met my husband when we were in high school, we did not form a relationship until about 3 1\2 years ago. We both were former meth addicts in high school. When we first got together again we tried meth again. When we did it we both promised each other that we would not do it again. My husband has an irregular heartbeat and it seemed like his heart was going to stop. I have remained sober from that time to now and that was 3 1/2 years ago. My husband is another story though....

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    My Sister the Meth Addict

    My sister was/is an addict of speed for three years. A few weeks ago she drove up from California after 6 years of not seeing her. I knew that she was using but I didn't realize how bad it had gotten till I saw her. The last time I saw her she seemed happy, confident, she was active and fit she was honest and even though she is my sister she was my very best friend. The day she arrived I almost shit myself she was losing her beautiful hair it is now bleached and strangely looking, extremely overweight (I thought this crap makes you lose weight?) She has huge scars on her face and infected blisters around her cheeks, and most of all her personality changed. She is now mean and moody, very jumpy, critical; she has stolen from me, criticized me and everyone in my family for whatever reason I don't know. She is 42 years old, no job, does not have custody of her three children and begs both my 70 year old parents for money all the time. I love my sister, but it sure is scary seeing what this stuff does to you after a period of time. I thank god for guiding me in the right direction every day and I'm thankful that I have a great life, wonderful husband and a beautiful healthy daughter. Doing drugs not only will kill you but it also kills the people who love them. I'm crushed at who she has become, and I'm mad at her that speed has taken the person that I knew away. Anonymous...

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    Destroying Your Life

    I randomly did a search on the web and came across this website. I'm not sure why I'm reading this but it's very fascinating and depressing at the same time. Anyway, I know of a lot of people in my town that has let crack and meth destroy their lives. One girl in particular I grew up with - known her since preschool age. We were never really that close I mean we'd hang out a few months at a time, then something stupid would happen and we wouldn't speak for years. Anyhow, soon after her son was born, and I already had a child myself; we started hanging out again. She smoked weed a lot then, but I didn't care almost everyone I knew smoked including my mom, and occasionally myself. She seemed to be a pretty decent mom; we would take our kids for walks daily together and to the park. She told me stories about how in the past she lived on the streets and was into crack heavily, gone to rehab all that. I was shocked, I never had a clue, plus I was never into anything like that....

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    Struggling With Addiction

    I printed out the last two months of letters posted on this sight and have started reading them with my boyfriend as bed time stories. He has been struggling with his addiction to Meth for the past year. I also printed out the before/after pictures of meth users, the Meth Mouth and list of ingredients to help him get the visual. A picture says a thousand words, they say. He is open to this therapy because part of him really does want to kick the habit (I don't think anyone truly in their hearts WANTS to be an addict), and that is the only reason. From what I know about him, drugs and alcohol has always been a part of his life. Every kind of abuse occurred in his home as a child and he has carried that luggage with him for a long, long time (he will be 40 this year). We have similar backgrounds, and maybe that is why we were so drawn to each other, but I have been sober for 10 plus years now, he hasn't had a day of sobriety since he 11. I didn't know he did drugs when we first started dating; he always referred to his use as in back in the day. Little did I know, it really yesterday, the day before or, after I drop you off, I'm going to go party with so and so. Once I did learn of his habit (mostly coke then ice, then it turned around, things got REALLY bad after that), I left him of course but I could not stay away for long. I pitied him (and he knew how to exploit that like most addicts do) and a part of me wanted to repay my debt to society (like most recovering/recovered addicts do) and help him see the light. I made the mistake of trying to use the guilt trip, or the emotional outbursts....

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