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Letters From Family & Friends of Meth Addicts

Reading stories provided by family members who have seen meth addiction first hand is heart breaking and makes you realize just how devastating drug addiction is. Meth addiction doesn't just destroy the user it destroys everything in their life especially their loved ones and friends. Meth addiction is a disease that's mentally and emotionally debilitating and those who love and care about the meth user are in just as much pain.

Family addiction stories are heartbreaking but they also reassure others that they're not alone and someone out there understands the pain they're going through. Some families have had to use tough love in order to survive the effects meth addiction has on them because the emotional pain is so overwhelming. Our hearts go out to anyone suffering from addiction and that includes family, friends and loved ones because they're in need of healing too.

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    Thank you for sharing your story. The sad part is that so many families are faced with the same decision to cut the person off before everyone gets dragged down to their depths and everything worth anything is destroyed. Other than a planned intervention where there is a waiting and available bed in treatment somewhere, the person needs to be faced with the reality of what their addiction is costing them. Sometimes it has to get to the point of Quit or Die Perhaps you're leaving will be the key that wakes your partner up. Whether your partner or any addict will then take on the responsibility for their behavior and the choices they have made or continues to blame everyone and everything else is up to them. You might try leaving some of the addict stories from the web site out to be read. Honestly, at this stage they just need to be brought to a point where they realize what they are doing. Then getting the person help is a whole other matter. Regards, Doug Pamenter...

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    My Brother's Meth Use

    Well, I don't know what the correct word to use for it is, but he shoots it up. As far as I know, he started snorting it about 10 yrs. ago. Probably started smoking it about 6-7 yrs. ago and maybe shooting about 5 yrs. ago. This is all a guess. He is 27. I miss my BROTHER so much. It breaks my heart to see him. He is losing his hair and from what his girlfriend says, he has bruises and marks all along the inside of his arms. It is tearing our family apart. But just today (May 2004) it finally came out to my mother and father that he is shooting it up. He has pawned off all of his possessions and only has the clothes off of his back. His girlfriend just kicked him out and my parents say they won't financially help him anymore or let him stay at the house. He won't come to my house because my husband won't put up with him and my brother knows it....

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    Children of a Meth Using Mother

    I am raising my 2 yr. old granddaughter. My daughter used meth for at least 8 years that I know of. She has had 3 children and 1 abortion that I know of. My oldest granddaughter is almost 4 and is a quadriplegic and on a ventilator to breathe 24/7. The granddaughter that I am raising was exposed to meth while my daughter was pregnant and she has been acting out recently in incredible ways. Biting, hitting, spitting, screaming (for hours), and crying. It has been almost constant for about 2 weeks. At first I attributed it to the "terrible twos", but I'm beginning to be concerned about her behavior. She throws herself down on the floor/sidewalk/street when she doesn't get what she wants and bangs her head. She also seems to be obsessed with her vagina. She will put objects or her fingers there and I have to watch her like a hawk. She has bitten off her finger and toe nails to the point where they hurt and she cries. She even bites her own arm while I'm watching her. She is in the state system, so I'm really paranoid about being accused of hurting her because of the things she's doing to herself. If you think you can use meth and it won't affect your children think again. GM...

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    Hoping to Feel Better

    I have just finished reading letters from other families that have been hurt by this drug. I thought that after reading them, I'd feel better, knowing that my pain wasn't isolated. I guess I was wrong, because I now realize that my child is not the only child who is now missing her daddy. I'm not the only woman who has lost her husband to meth. As I sit here, I am so overcome with grief. I could not save my best friend. I tried so hard to help, thinking tough love was the answer. The absence of my presence only opened the doors of opportunity. Now, I have to face the fact that I will be raising our daughter alone. I'll be fine, but our precious little 4 year old girl will not. You see, she only sees her daddy as a little girl should, he is everything to her. Up until a month ago, he was so very involved in her life. Now, because of his mistakes, she may not get to spend time with her daddy until she's 14. Every day, I wake up and go to sleep with this enormous burden on my mind. Please, if there is a way to ease this pain, I need to know. I feel so alone in my situation, even though I know differently. Will we ever be ok? How do I handle letting my very best friend slip away? Why couldn't I, of all people, make him better? My heart has truly been broken. How could he just go away like this? I know it wasn't by choice, but how could he just leave us? Now, it's just the 2 of us, left to put the pieces back together. Our lives have been deeply damaged by this drug, I only pray that the innocent little one will not be the one to feel the most pain. God, if you're listening, we need you now, more than ever. Melissa, Mobile, AL...

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    My Husband's a Meth User

    Hi, I am a 41-year-old woman who has been married to the same man for 12 years now. Between us, we have three children which we were raising his two and my one. Two years ago, my husband started using meth. I was not sure what our problem was, just that there was a major problem. Everything about him changed, from his personality towards me and the children, to a dysfunctional sex life. His attitude changed completely towards me and our children....

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    The Man of My Dreams

    I met the man of my dreams (so I thought) 15 years ago. Big age difference, but didn't seem to matter. That wasn't the problem. At first it was alcohol & marijuana. Those problems were real but seem like nothing now. DUI's, frequent trips to the local dealers with missing money from pay checks. That had begun to be common and a lifestyle. Lost days of work became more common, and write ups and on the brink of losing the same job of many years. Those were easy to work out. We beat those. And started dreaming of what we were going to buy and have through our lives together....

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