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Letters From Family & Friends of Meth Addicts

Reading stories provided by family members who have seen meth addiction first hand is heart breaking and makes you realize just how devastating drug addiction is. Meth addiction doesn't just destroy the user it destroys everything in their life especially their loved ones and friends. Meth addiction is a disease that's mentally and emotionally debilitating and those who love and care about the meth user are in just as much pain.

Family addiction stories are heartbreaking but they also reassure others that they're not alone and someone out there understands the pain they're going through. Some families have had to use tough love in order to survive the effects meth addiction has on them because the emotional pain is so overwhelming. Our hearts go out to anyone suffering from addiction and that includes family, friends and loved ones because they're in need of healing too.

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    Growing up in a Meth Household

    My dad started smoking "ice" ever since the year 1990, around when my brother was born. He didn't smoke when I was born but since he was smoking marijuana, it lead him on to another drug which was "ice". Than my mom started after my second brother was born, she only started smoking "ice" because she didn't like the fact that my dad was always going to his cousin's house to smoke. She would cry for my dad to come home and not go out but he would never listen. We moved out of my grandma's house and live in an apartment, I use to always tell my mom that I wanted to be like her, but she always use to tell me that I wouldn't want to be like her, but at five years old I didn't understand....

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    Looking for Help

    My name is Katie, and I am 19 years old. The place I live is surrounded by the negativity and evil that this drug brings. I have two older brothers, one who is 25, and one who is 22. The oldest one just got out of prison after serving five years for possession and manufacturing. My other brother is in prison today, for credit card fraud (to support his habits). My brothers both started out drinking and smoking pot. It wasn't until their late teens that meth reared its ugly head. I don't know too much about how they got into it really. All I do know is how it has affected their lives, and in turn, how it has affected my life....

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    Living With A Meth Using Husband

    My husband and I were just married last month. He's been addicted to meth for a little over a year now and before that he was on coke for two years. We have a two and a half year old daughter together and he's been high on drugs since I got pregnant. He doesn't spend money on meth, he has a friend that sells it and gives it to him for free, but it's not that that I'm really worried about since he has no income anyway. What worries me and hurts me is the way he treats me and our daughter. He's become very violent towards us, never hitting us, but pushing us around, screaming in our faces, that sort of thing. I can't talk to him anymore; he just doesn't care about anything but the drug anymore. I've left him twice over it already and I was hoping that when we got married he would stop for me and for our daughter. Just today I had all I could take. He said he was leaving to do some meth and I told him if he walked out the door, don't bother to come back. We argued on the phone for hours while I begged him to please get help, he refused. So finally I told him that he either stop for good or he wouldn't see me or our daughter again until he was cleaned up. He told me that he would be home in the morning and he promises he is through with it this time and he says if he fucks up again I can leave him. I love my husband to death but I can't live with him like this anymore, I'm only 22 years old and I'm scared to death that I'm going to lose my family and everything I love. C.M.G....

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    Suffering From Lack of Sleep

    No, we are not meth users, but our only son is. I was up all night with him because he thought an animal attacked him in his bedroom. Hissed and spit at him and got quite angry when my husband and I couldn't see it. This isn't the first time this has happened. He also thinks people especially his girlfriend is trying to get people to kill him. Last July he jumped out of a car and cracked his head open. Bleeding on the brain. We got him help for his addiction and he did fine for a while. He is 24 and does not have Health Insurance so that cost him over $100 thousand. Then in Oct. he overdosed with meth. He thought people were coming through the vents of the hospital and then he darted around saying mom then the people aren't coming out but they are putting poison through the vents and he would cover his mouth and then mine. He was admitted to Psychiatric Ward and got out in 4 days stopped taking the medication because it made him fat. Will not go to AA or any program I set up for him. Even though when he went for therapy it made him feel great. Now last week of walking around with a baseball bat because the people were whispering about him but again last night. Please Lord Help my son before I pick him up dead somewhere. Worried of Death Lou's parents, Valencia, California, USA...

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    My First Love

    Hi my name is Shelley; let me tell you about my first love, he was born 2 months premature on Feb 25, 1984. His name was Brandon, we called him Brandonbear. He was a good baby always laughing and smiling at girls. He started using meth when he was 14. Of course he didn't tell me about it until he needed help. His father and I put in rehab several times. We tried the tough love thing and everything else. We pushed for him to get his education. He finally did and died 16 days later on June 13, 2004....

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    His New Best Friend

    3 months ago I had a 16 year old who got good grades, worked part-time, was responsible, kind, considerate and reliable. 3 months ago I was kidding myself. I'd suspected he was snorting "something" because the signs were there (having used cocaine myself many years ago in the 80's) but his behavior was "ok" and he was passing drug tests (smart kid learned how to "bleach" and use others urine) I figured if anything it was a phase. He still had his friends, school work was good, and he was "ok" until one night 3 months ago....

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