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Teen Stories of Meth Abuse and Struggles

It's horrifying to think our young teens are experimenting with mind altering drugs like crystal meth. The truth is today more adolescent and teens are suffering from drug addiction than ever before. Many young people experiment with crystal meth without realizing just how addictive this stimulant drug is and it's destroying their lives. Many of our teen viewers have sent in stories of their own experiences with meth use and addiction and their honesty is to be appreciated. They have their whole lives ahead of them and the last thing they should have to worry about is withdrawals, tweaking and addiction.

There are also wonderful success stories from teens addicted to drugs like crystal meth. Their recovery stories are an inspiration to other teens and young people who are addicted to drugs and are in need of help and treatment. We thank our young readers for their honesty straight forwardness about their drug addiction. Your stories will open other teen's eyes and help them realize just how serious and dangerous meth use is and possibly save a young person from experimenting with drugs like crystal meth.

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    Been There, Done That - It's Not Worth It

    I started doing crystal meth when I was 15 years old. I moved to Vegas with my dad and step mom after messing up a little bit in Colorado. So there I was in Vegas starting a new life at a new school with new friends. When a kid in my computer class offered me meth which he said was just like cocaine. Believe me it's not. So I started out slow and then I got pretty heavy into it. My weight was up and down ranging from 95 pounds to 110. It was disgusting. Finally my Dad caught me and I still continued to do it. Well when I was 16 still doing it but convincing my parents I wasn't. I got caught again during the summer and I was scared so I ran away on a week day night. Just walked out the front door with on luggage bag in my hand, no money and no one to care about what really happens to me....

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    My Life Has Been a Living Hell

    Hi, it's April 15th 2005. I'm 14. I don't really remember everything because my mom's been doing it all my life, but I do remember A LOT. When I was 9 we lived in Bartow with my mom's boyfriend in some hellhole trailer. They would stay up for days. I always wondered why I saw shit all over the house. Now that I know what the things are that I always saw lying around the house, it just freaks me out SO BAD to know that my mom actually did that shit....

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    I Know a Girl

    Hey there. My name is Grunge, I'm 16. A year ago I got involved with a girl who wanted to lose some extra lbs. She decided to go the drug route and was introduced to Crystal Meth. She didn't want to do it alone. So she asked a friend of hers who she knew was into the whole "druggie scene" to do it with her. She said yes. So the two started using on a regular basis, and a few months later the girl let the drug get the best of her. She ratted out her friend, and she was sent to a mental hospital. Now this girl's friend was left alone, angry and confused. (Her friend's breakdown had caused her to get arrested three times, kicked out of school, and thrown out of both of her parent's homes.) She turned to the only person she could think of who cared about her current situation, her drug dealer....

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    It Is Up to You to Get Help - I did

    I am a 19 year old girl and yes I used meth. I was in foster homes on and off my whole life. They finally placed me in a permanent one because my mother was a dope fiend. She was constantly having mood swings as I was growing up and would flip out at least once a week. My Dad was an attorney so they were in two different worlds. There was constantly fighting. By the time I hit high school; I got a boyfriend and moved out. I started selling bud and parting a lot during freshman year. Before I knew it, I had tried cocaine. That lasted for 2 months and then I moved up to bigger and better things. I found dope....

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    I Tried Ice Once

    I'm 16 years old and have tried ice once. I am not going to blame it on peer pressure because that's not an excuse. But at first the feeling of it was great, but as the days went on of no sleep for 4 days and feeling like bugs are crawling all over me and seeing crazy stuff from sleep deprivation killed me. I saw dancing giants and crazy ass shit. I was scared. I hated this feeling it was like being on a bad trip. So I decided never to do it again. My best friend still had the urge to do it; pretty soon you couldn't call her my best friend. She lied to me all the time about stupid stuff; she was hanging out with a new "cooler" crowd. A crowd that everyone in it did ice. I knew she was doing it and I never once stepped in to tell her that it was wrong and to stop. About 2 months ago she overdosed and almost died. The thought of ever even losing her killed me. Our friendship has never been the same. She seeked help but didn't really want it. She promised on our friendship that she'd never do it again. I found out some heartbreaking news last night. She hasn't quit and she's been lying to me about it. I guess I didn't mean as much to her as she means to me. Ice ruins everything. Please think about that when you read this. Gigi, Georgia...

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    It Will Take Some Time

    It all started when I had just turned 14. I meet some guys and they were smoking ICE and I joined in. Then I asked if you could snort it and I did as soon as it went up my nose I fell in love with it. It made me feel like I wasn't in my shell anymore. I wasn't shy on it or anything then it became a regular thing for me. I would do crystal like 5 times a week at first. Then I really got into it to the point where I would stay up for 4 days in a row high....

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