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  • Aug

    Meth Use and Eyesight Damage

    I have what seems to be moderately damaged eyesight from meth use...cant find any info on meth induced eyesight damage, just that it damages the part of the brain that pertains to eyesight, i need to know what part of the brain that is and any and all details on meth induced brain damage that causes eyesight problems?

    The use of meth definitely affects a person's eyesight causing blurred vision in many people. Every person is different and meth use affects people differently, some people continue to have problems with blurred vision for a very long time and others don't.

    Meth use does cause damage to the brain because it kills brain cells that affect all areas of the brain. Our brain controls everything we do and unfortunately sometimes brain cell damage is permanent and irreversible.

    What can and does cause eyesight damage is iodine and acidic chemical vapors that are given off when cooking meth. If a person is around meth being cooked the vapors can seriously damage a person's eyesight and sometimes the damage is permanent.