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Letters from Crystal Meth Users

  • Mar

    Dear Addiction

    You have "forever" been a part of my life. However, "forever" if that is your masquerade, I thought I had control of you since I'm older! Then I realized that maybe you were born first. Since "denial" is your middle name; and if I would have known that "destroyed" was one of your last names, I don't believe I would have messed with you, or would I have? Since sometimes your A.K.A. is "competition" and you always knew I liked a good challenge, and in most challenges, I did come in first place! So new "competition" was welcome, because I was sure to win! I must say, you compete well. My hardest "competitor", so now I know I must throw in the towel. Not to be the looser, but the winner! You see "Addiction", although you've stayed in the lead of the race, you were not paying attention when I declared war! And this is the fight I will win! So come on with your "bad self" - the bets are my not getting high.