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  • May

    Unusual Behavior from Meth Induced High Leads to Woman's Arrest

    Unusual Behavior from Meth Induced High Leads to Woman's Arrest

    A twenty six year old woman's unusual behavior led to a homeowner contacting Riverton authorities in Wyoming which then led to the woman's arrest reported recently. It appears the homeowner contacted authorities because there was an unfamiliar person in her backyard speaking to her dwellings roof.

    As it turns out, in Riverton a new kind of meth known as "monster meth" had been circulating and the twenty six year old woman was high apparently according to Police Captain Eric Murphy county10 reports. Murphy said "people using it have been hallucinating really badly".

    Meth is a very dangerous and potent stimulant that produces euphoria, increased alertness and increased energy which are some of the reasons the illicit drug is so appealing to many drug abusers. Quite often though, illicit drugs like meth are cut with other substances which makes the drug even more dangerous than it already is.

    That appears to be true in this case as well because according to the county10 report, Captain Murphy said authorities suspected the "unusual reactions" people were having was due to the drug having been "cut with something else".

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