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Methamphetamine Abuse Poems

  • Jan


    I think I am becoming,
    More than what you see,
    This wounded person before you,
    Has not yet fallen to her knees.
    I cry out "Oh Please Lord Help me"
    But my prayer he never hears,
    For my words are often silent,
    Hidden behind shame and tears.

    I try to stop the madness
    That fills my aching head.
    I reach for the man beside me,
    But only touch an empty bed
    For I am all alone now,
    In this dark place I see,
    A cold and lonely woman,
    Who resembles only me.

    Addicted to the smoke filled room,
    Addicted to the laughs,
    Nameless faces before me,
    Who only help time to pass.
    One Day I will get better,
    This I truly believe
    Please tell me Lord
    That I have not yet fallen,
    This drug will not define me.

    I wake now in the morning,
    To swollen eyes and tears,
    My heart barely beating,
    Realizing my own worst fears
    This will be the last time I know it,
    This is it for me,
    No more of this drug,
    I want control; I want to be set free

    I can't fight this,
    I'm all alone,
    Even in a crowded room
    Laughter dissipates
    With the rising of the moon,
    I know I've been defeated,
    I know now what you see
    I tried my best to fight it,
    But this Drug has a hold on me.

    T.L.P. Texas, USA