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Methamphetamine Abuse Poems

  • Jan

    Back Again

    Here's a story I'm gonna tell about a lady I know too well
    She's been my life, almost my death her lovely name is CRYSTAL METH
    You may know her by other names but what she's taught is still the same
    Her lessons have been hard to learn or maybe you haven't had your turn

    At first I met her with my friends; I swore I'd never go back again
    But I had been shown so much fun; try it once, you might be done

    If you're lucky you didn't like the ride if you're not then step inside
    You've now entered a danger zone a one way street with one way home

    Night after night of heavenly flight, METH MONSTER visions come to light
    Do they see you seeing them? Now what's real and what's pretend

    And just how did you choose to arrive? By pointed shuttle, or rail car ride
    Its babble if you haven't flown it's so much better not to have known

    The needle brought flashes and black the kind that keeps me coming back
    Mouths are moving with no sounds Room is spinning round and round

    Having fun yet, Boy I am I pay round trip to come back again
    No price too high I've no place to go God you know I love the show

    But in time, I began to see a stranger staring back at me
    Somewhat resembling who I used to be Oh well these days I ride for free

    Then one day while fast asleep, dreams have come that frighten me
    I can fix that it's a snap Okay, no more taking naps

    Aaahhh, that's better now we're talking No I'm fine, just gotta keep walking

    Wait a minute the silence won't leave
    The bright lights won't dim what's happened to me?

    Where are my friends at my house on my bed? What is this aching in my head?
    It's so hot now I can barely breathe But this place is so great, why would I leave?

    So anyway; wanna meet my friend?
    Just walk away don't come back again

    Amber Sessions, Oklahoma city, Oklahoma, U.S.A.