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Methamphetamine Abuse Poems

  • Dec

    Be OK

    I'm losing my mind, I cant fuckin hang
    My life's constant chaos, shits gots to change

    It's easy to see, what's causing my pain
    It's CRYSTAL clear, only I am to blame

    As I struggle to hold onto, what's real to me
    My fuckin needle habit, is quickly destroying me

    Consumed with the fix, drawin up, tying off, shootin up
    I'm so tired of this twacked-out bullshit; I think I've had enuff

    Bloody issues all over the place, spoonz outfits cottons baggiez
    The call is fuckin good, but is it worth this agony

    As my life disintegrates, I catch myself slippin
    i ain't ready to die yet, so I must be fuckin trippin

    I've got a lot to lose; I won't give up that easy
    But I don want to bring, my loved ones down with me

    My hard edges soften, as I watch my man sleep
    The love I have 4 him, that shit runs deep

    The violence inside me, str8t pushes him away
    But when I get crazy with RAGE, I just want him to stay
    Hold me close, and tell me it'll all be ok