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Methamphetamine Abuse Poems

  • Jan


    I takes your mind, it takes your soul
    Your time is up, you've lost control
    There's no where left for you to turn
    This is a lesson you must learn
    To think before you ask is key
    If you want to have a family
    Don't act then think, or lose it all
    Just one time and you will fall
    The price you pay to Mrs. Meth
    Is suffering, pain, or even death
    Why do you do this to yourself
    Just come and seek your loved ones help
    It's only then they'll understand
    The lonesome pain of one lost man
    They cannot help if they don't know
    You can't do it alone, you can't let go
    At 13 years, it happened to me
    Meth came into my family
    My cousin, my hero and my best friend
    The one I'd look up to until the end
    But now that he has lost his mind
    It is too hard for him to find
    The person that he used to be
    My hero, my idol, my family

    Alyssa G., Port Hope, Ontario, Canada