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Methamphetamine Abuse Poems

  • Jan

    It's Different They Say

    It's different they say. You'll just be up today.
    Get up lets go, damn you're slow.
    Can you tell I'm fucked up? I know I can't shut up.
    At your peak, its love you seek.
    Do we lay here in bed, trying to sleep hell, no baby let get up and tweek.
    Did you hear that? I think it was the cat.
    Damn has it been that long, I should done be gone.
    A new day is here, and with it brings fear.
    Time moves so quick as we watch the clock tick.
    Whether it be near or far you just here a car.
    Do you want to play? Perhaps a new way?
    Oh shit! Another day.
    I got up for something, it must have been nothing.
    What did you just say? Well I didn't hear it that way.
    Does this go that way? Did you know it's a new day?
    What did I just say, uh well I don't know, something anyway.
    I didn't sleep forgot to eat maybe I should smoke or drink.
    I'm keeping my seat it's your turn to peak.
    My eyes are blurred can't see what I just heard.
    Shh is that the rain I hear? Oh that's just you in there.
    So weak didn't sleep, didn't eat.
    Worked till I'm sore I can't handle anymore.
    Don't lose hope we get more dope.
    Go lay down, you look like a clown.
    To hell with you, I'm not through.
    It's different they say, a week can be just one long day I

    Val Yum, Laceys Spring, Alabama