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Methamphetamine Abuse Poems

  • Jan

    The Children of Chaos

    Lost in a dream world, a snow covered wonderland,
    Our Crystalline goddess led us each by the hand.
    Still drenched in reality we got lost in a fantasy,
    We gladly let go of our last bit of sanity.
    Ever so seductively she revealed the way,
    Now slaves to her ecstasy we knelt to pray.
    No longer were we part of this world you see,
    Enraptured by her beauty, in her worship we were free.
    Dazzled by her charms we were blind to her game,
    Once embraced as her children, we were never the same.
    We did all her biddings; we spread her good word,
    From the mouths of babes, on the wings of bird.
    Working endless days turned to sleepless nights,
    Apathetic creatures too weak to fight.
    Our minds were tired and our hearts were sore,
    A knowing goddess sat smiling and asked for more.
    In silent anguish, we laughed and played,
    With youth and innocence our debt was paid.

    Ninilicious, Los Angeles, California, USA