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Methamphetamine Abuse Poems

  • Jan

    The Rebound

    A minute after my heart was broken
    A glass pipe suddenly appeared
    It told me not to be afraid
    And that it would take away all my tears
    I smoked its crystals for many days
    Waiting for my tears to go away
    But they never did
    Two weeks later, I had lost everything that meant anything to me before
    I was skinned down and tweaked into an apple core
    The more meth I smoked the more my body shriveled away
    I'm still waiting for that better day
    The day where my tears were washed away
    Oh, I'm still waiting for that better day
    So while I'm waiting, hook me up, I'm just waiting for that better day.

    Young Addict, Ahwatweekie, AZ