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Methamphetamine Abuse Poems

  • Dec

    The Way Home

    From the darkness down the hall. Faintly heard the devil calls.
    Thoughts that haunt. You can't forget. Whisper promises in dark silhouette.
    The wish for truth is deep inside. Instead above are lingering lies.
    She went down in what seemed a moment. Resistance thinned in growing torment.
    Seconds ticked away the final hour. Taking away all choice and power.
    Taste the freedom. In the white magic. Relief begins and soon turns tragic.
    Where did all the confusion begin? And what was the cause of the original sin?
    Was there anyone who really loved her? Angels cry out in heaven above her.
    There is no way to have it all. On the floor soul lifelessly crawl.
    The only way home is through the fires of hell. Will she make it?
    There is no way to tell.