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Methamphetamine Abuse Poems

  • Dec

    You Can Try

    You can try to control me, but I run this show
    Try to play me, and I'll play you, homes

    I'm not interested in being, someone's right-hand man
    I just don't play that shit, you understand

    I'm not a participant, in your stupid game
    Don't you know who I am? Not some fuckin lame

    The game I'm playin, ain't no fuckin joke
    If you fuck wit me, you gonna get smoked

    If you wanna bring it, it's already been brought
    Try and take it 2 that level, but you gonna get shot

    I'm not afraid, of anything, you see
    I'm not afraid to kill, or die painfully

    I'll look death in the face, and boldly stand my ground
    I represent myself, no matter whose around

    Try and intimidate me, and you'll quickly see
    That I don give a fuck, so suck on deez