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    Indiana Outranks Missouri in Meth Seizures

    Indiana Outranks Missouri in Meth Seizures

    Methamphetamine lab busts have been plentiful in Missouri for a number of years leading the nation in meth lab incidents but it appears they're no longer in the lead, they've been out-ranked by two other states. According to statistics from the Missouri State Highway Patrol, in 2013 Indiana ranked the highest with 1,797 incidents followed by Tennessee with 1,616 and Missouri came in third with 1,496 incidents.

    Meth is a highly dangerous and illicit man-made drug and it's extremely addictive, sadly there are people young and older addicted to the stimulant. Meth can be illegally manufactured in numerous ways and even though the cooking process has become somewhat simple anymore, all methods of production are highly toxic and dangerous.

    It doesn't matter where you reside in the U.S., if you suspect a meth lab may be in operation in your area don't hesitate to contact your local authorities and let them handle it.

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