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    Suicide Attempts Associated with Meth Use

    Suicide Attempts Associated with Meth Use

    We all know how dangerous it is to use drugs of any kind to get high and the consequences associated with injecting drugs is even more serious. Did you know that people who inject meth are at a much higher risk of attempting suicide compared to people injecting other drugs? According to MedlinePlus (HealthDay News), a study was done that shows there is an 80% higher risk of suicide attempts for meth users that inject the powerful stimulant drug.

    There may be a few reasons for suicide attempts being higher for individuals that inject meth, one reason may be due to the fact that meth users are possibly "more isolated" according to HealthDay's article.

    We do know that when a person continues to repeat their use of meth they can experience very serious emotional and physical problems and strange behaviors which can include:

    1. Violence
    2. Distorted reality
    3. Disturbances in mood
    4. They can become paranoid
    5. They can experience hallucinations associated with their hearing
    6. Become delusional and experience feelings of bugs crawling under their skin

    Paranoia can be extremely scary and an individual can become fearful and distrusting of others and the world around them. Repeated use of meth can lead to paranoia and the individual can become homicidal and hurt someone else and develop suicidal thoughts as well. Unfortunately today methamphetamines are a common drug of abuse by many young and older people throughout the United States and the consequences are devastating to their emotional and physical well-being. To think that individuals that inject meth are at a higher risk of attempting suicide, as much as 80%, is alarming and just increases the already serious risks associated with the abuse of this addictive illegal stimulant drug.