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Teen Stories of Meth Abuse and Struggles

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    My Meth Addicted Family

    Hey my name is lacey and I'm 13 years old. Over half of my momma's family does ice and a few people in my daddy's family does it. Oh yea my momma and daddy do it too. I've never tried it and never will. When I was little my mama and daddy always gave me everything I wanted. when i was 11 years old my momma and daddy sold my dream house so we could move outta the ''village'' a place where a lot of kids were and a lot of stuff got stole and my daddy's window got knocked out of his truck. I lived in the village my whole life then all of a sudden we were moving to the country. Until our loan went thru me and my sister had to live with my maw maw. My momma and daddy lived at the trailer they didn't have power or water so they used a generator and filled up jugs of water. When they wouldn't there they were at the Polk Motel a big drug place at first I told myself that they didn't do anything that they just went there to see their friends. Well we lived with my maw maw for 8 months and I just told myself that a few more days I would get to live with my momma and daddy. On May 15 was the day of my first semi-formal because I was in middle school in the sixth grade my first year of middle school. Everybody had been looking for my momma and she was nowhere to be found. About 25 days later I finally saw her. About a week after that my daddy shot his self because my mama left him. He was in and out of the hospital and my whole summer was ruined because every day we drove 2 hours to see my daddy it was hell. After everything went back to normal I found out the truth. Right after me and my sister moved in with my maw maw my mama and daddy started doing ice. I already knew my uncle done it then I found out my nanny done it. Nanny is my other grandmother my whole world went down the people I loved and didn't want to get hurt done the thing I hated most of all. well there's a whole lot more to this story but there's not enough room on this website to hold my story so I'm just gone say one thing to the people that does it now ''it might be fun now but later you'll regret it and it doesn't make you look cool and I pray for you to stop and remember to always believe. To the rest of yall I'm praying for your family or friend that's still on it. For the people that's clean. Congratulations!!

    Lacey, Georgia, USA