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    My cousin gets these yellow blisters on her thumbs and fingers. The puss will drain and she gets new skin on her fingers. What can these blisters be from? I'm not sure if she injects, smokes or whatever.

    I'm not sure what the blisters on the fingers or thumbs could be from unless it's from lighting the form of meth that's smoked, crystal meth. Blisters, rashes on the skin and sores frequently affect individuals that use meth. Meth users experience feelings of bugs or insects crawling under their skin and they're constantly picking their skin to relieve the hallucinogenic sensations. This picking and scratching creates serious sores and rashes on the user's arms, legs, neck, face and trunk of the body that become infected usually due to poor hygiene. Normally the user needs to seek medical attention because the infections can become serious.

    Followup Question:
    What does the rash look like for people taking crystal meth?

    Usually a mesh rash starts out like a typical rash with red bumps clustered together and this rash can eventually be all over the body. The meth user often scratches and picks at the rash and in a short period of time the rash gets worse due to continuous scratching and picking.

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    February 10th, 2014

    I am not sure if my sons dad is still using meth but I was told by some that he is. My son has had a rash on his arm and then weeks later one on his face. Not sure if it could be meth related or not. It looks kinda red maybe a lil inflamed and kinda harder to the touch and a lil scaley! Not sure if that would be a meth situation or not.

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