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Letters From Family & Friends of Meth Addicts

  • Mar

    My Dad's Addictions

    Our family has struggled with my dad's addictions for over 30 years. Since we were raised in a very unusual atmosphere we somewhat numb to the kind of things that happen in a family dealing with addiction. Recently we have had to consolidate our efforts and show our father that we will no longer live with his problems. We are supportive but we have had to provide him some guidelines. Our children are no longer able to visit their grandfather's house because quite frankly it's not safe. We have told him he may see us and the children but it will be supervised and not at his home. Of course at this point he thinks we're "punishing" him.

    A few weeks ago we realized that this go around we were dealing with Meth. This has by far been the worst drug he's used. He's over 50 years old with a very bad case of adult onset diabetes. In addition to the usual physical, physiological problems this drug causes it also affects his blood sugar levels causing him to have diabetic blackouts (low blood sugar episodes). Yesterday he nearly killed himself in a car wreck during one of these episodes.

    I was looking for information to help him understand not only what the drug does to everyone but in particular how it was affecting someone with his other medical conditions. Your website has been wonderful. I am going to recommend the rest of my family check it out. We are currently at different stages in our feelings about this but we have agreed that we have no choice but to stand our ground this time. I am 36 years old and have lived with this type of problem since I was about 4. My brothers and sisters have never known him any other way. Thanks again for your website, as I said it was very helpful.

    Wendy Bundy, Nashville, TN., USA