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    A Higher Power Led Me to Sobriety

    A Higher Power Led Me to Sobriety

    My name is Michele; I am 35 yrs. old and a recovery meth addict. I have not touched meth in about 6 yrs. but I have been totally clean for 2.

    I spent most of my early 20s on speed and then had a 2 yr. relapse when my son was 2, that which I am still learning to forgive myself. I was fortunate my family compensated as best possible.

    I feel God or whatever higher power is out there led me through to sobriety with minimal consequences, no police records and no diseases and thanks to good genes I still look fairly young for my age.

    I did lose a good lot of my teeth, but thanks to my mother I was able to fill the spaces. I kind of skipped the meetings and 12 steps and brushed everything under the rug.

    However now I realized that it is my turn to give back and I am presently in school studying to be a drug counselor. I hope I will be able to help others in their struggle and lead them to recovery.