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    Why after 5 months of being clean of ice do I still get cravings? How can I stop the cravings? What can I do to make the craving easier to deal with?

    Every person is different; a lot depends on how heavily you used ice and for how long. Did you go through a detoxification program or try to detox on your own. When you say clean for 5 months, does that mean completely clean or have you relapsed in the 5 months.

    It can take a long time for the cravings to stop for some people. Meth changes brain functions and these changes can take a long time to recover when a person stops using. The longer and more chronic meth was used the longer it can take for the brain to recover. Unfortunately some damage may never fully recover in some people.

    Stay away from situations that would make you think about using because sometimes cravings can be mental. Sometimes just seeing people or being in certain places can be enough to cause a person to mentally crave using again.

    It's important to seek medical help because it sounds like you're on the right path if you have 5 months clean. Your physician can help you if you're completely honest about your drug use but you have to be equally honest about how long, how heavy and how often you used ice. A full medical assessment would be helpful to make sure there is no damage to your brain and other body organs.

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